An xml schema for nmwg
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An XML Schema for NMWG. Yee-Ting Li, UCL. Metrics. All results from Network Monitoring stored in some format Usually as a flat text file Could store in a table in a Database Need to convey the meaning the data and the format in which it is kept (meta data etc) XML!. NMWG.

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An xml schema for nmwg

An XML Schema for NMWG

Yee-Ting Li, UCL


  • All results from Network Monitoring stored in some format

  • Usually as a flat text file

  • Could store in a table in a Database

    • Need to convey the meaning the data and the format in which it is kept (meta data etc)

  • XML!

An xml schema for nmwg

  • Working Group at GGF

  • Focuses on describing metrics (characteristics) for use in Grid Environments

    • How to make more use of Network information

  • Encompasses work from IPPM

  • Two documents planned:

    • Characteristics and measurements document

      • Describes the structure and relationship of metrics (characteristics) against each other

      • Hierarchy of characteristics

    • Tools Document

      • Maps tools such as iperf and ping to specific points on the characteristic heirachy

Nmwg overview
NMWG Overview

  • Similar to IETF IPPM

    • But focuses more on how to use the metric rather than measure it

  • Defines singleton and statistical characteristics

    • Singletons are a specific instance of a characteristic

    • Statistical characteristics are formed as a result of 2 or more singletons

  • Defines classes of characteristics that describe WHAT you are measuring

    • e.g. bandwidth, delay etc.

    • Uses a hierachy to give structure and relationships to characteristics

  • Defines a ‘Measurement Methodology’ to describe HOW to measure the characteristics

  • Defines samples of data and their inherent sampling patterns

Nmwg overview1
NMWG Overview

  • Results gathered into an Observation

  • Realised by a Measurement Methodology

  • Which measures a Characteristic

  • Which describes a Network Entity

An xml schema for nmwg1
An XML Schema for NMWG

  • XML Schemas describe the structure and content of XML document

  • Document language to describe virtually anything!

    • Uses meta data to give context to documents

  • Industrial standard

  • Cross platform

    • nothing more than a text file

  • Extensible and Flexible

  • Used throughout Web Services and OGSA technologies

Nmwg schema goal
NMWG Schema Goal

  • To be able to fully describe network metrics/characteristics

    • In complete and extensible way

    • Able to store as much information as required

    • Able to have as little information as required

  • To be used in a real system with real results

    • Capable to describing WHAT a tool measures and HOW and WHERE

  • Focusing actually implementing what the NMWG document says… and doesn’t say…

    • With view on actually using it to retrieve results…

    • As a results doesn’t always exactly match what NMWG says/suggests 

Nmwg schema overview
NMWG Schema - Overview

  • Measurement Methodology is root

    • Used to describe the application used to gather the results

    • The network it is conducted on

    • The results (observations) of the characteristics

Nmwg schema observationsample
NMWG Schema - observationSample

  • Tried to incorporate method of describing more than one observation at once

    • When we retrieve historical information of the bandwidth for the last month

  • May singleton values as well as statistical values

    • Collate all ping values for last year!

  • Some tools may report more than one characteristic

    • Eg ping: 2WD and loss, traceroute: rtt and path, pipechar: capacity and path etc.

Nmwg schema example
NMWG Schema - Example

  • Ping

  • <XML Spy/>

Nmwg schema example1
NMWG Schema - Example

  • Iperf

  • <XML Spy/>

Nmwg schema example2
NMWG Schema - Example

  • Traceroute

  • <XML Spy/>

Nmwg schema example3
NMWG Schema - Example

  • pipechar

  • <XML Spy/>


  • A useable implementation of XML Schema for Network Monitoring

    • Can report single observations or a group of observations in a single document

  • Demonstrated suitability for most common monitoring tools

    • Easily extended to most tools

  • Also includes non-network information that may contribute to poor network performance

    • Host configuration, kernel parameters etc.

  • However doesn’t quite fit into NMWG framework

    • Needs further refinement of both the Schema and what NMWG define