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Wheelchair Vans And Their Many Advantages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WAV is a short form of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. These vans are specially designed vehiclesfor the traveling and transportation needs of people facing mobility problems. Read more.

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Wheelchair vans and their many advantages



WAV is a short form of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. These vans are specially designed vehiclesfor the traveling and

transportation needs of people facing mobility problems. In a WAV, a ramp or a lift is fitted so that a wheel chair can

be easily enter in the vehicle. The assistance of another person to enter the vehicle is usually not requited in a WAV.

The mobility-challenged individual can easily manage the task themselves!

WAVs come retrofitted with every tool and accessory that a differently abled person would need to enter and exit

the vehicle. This vehicle makes a person self-sufficient. A WAV doesn’t require any additional person’s assistance.In

fact, many NY car manufacturers offer simple and easy to execute conversion methods to equip their vehicles with

wheelchair accessibility features. Here is a list of the many advantages you can get from using wheelchair vans in

New York:

Easy Access:Differently abled people can easily access the vehicle while being seated in their wheelchairs.

The WAV floor is intentionally lowered so that a wheelchair with big wheels can also enter easily, without

the need for lifting it up.

Many Conversion options: You can choose your own entry option when getting your wheelchair van NY

converted. There are generally two entry options into the WAV: Rear entry with ride up front option and

side passenger ramp access. Both the types have their different pros and cons.

Various sitting spots: In a WAV, the differently abled individual will have more than one spot to sit in. The

person can go with any alternative, depending upon their needs and comfort. The wheelchair user can even

choose to remain seated in their own wheelchair, in the usual front passenger position and have better view

of their journey.

Optional Driving option: wheelchair vans in New York can be specially manufactured for driving by the

wheelchair users. They are truly bespoke vehicles, specially designed to provide for the individual driver's

needs. Due to special manufacturing of a single vehicle, the cost of acquisition of such vehicles is much

higher than that of a normal vehicle. There are two options which can make it possible for you to drive the


oDirectly from your wheelchair- By placing your wheel chair in a secured and safe position post which,

wheelchair tie-downs are used to secure it in place. This method is known as Drive from Wheelchair.

oOr you can get transferred from your wheelchair into a standard or adapted driver's seat. This method is

known as Internal Transfer.

If you are thinking of buying a WAV, you need to choose a vehicle which goes well with your style, mobility needs

and which fits in with your own particular transportation needs. Bussani Mobility team is a dedicated firm in the

wheelchair van NY field and has an industry experience of more than 40 years.For more information on New York

wheelchair van rentals, visit


James Fuller is an expert in vehicle customization solutions and works closely to create highly comfortable and

affordable transportation solutions for the disabled. He recommends as the name to trust if

you are looking for a mobility van in New York.