Using technology to enhance communication with students
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Using Technology to Enhance Communication with Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Technology to Enhance Communication with Students. Lake Washington Technical College. Luda Bagriy, LWTC Student and IPO Administrative Support Ed Sargent, Assistant Dean of Learning Resources Peggy Setoguchi, International Student Advisor. Introduction.

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Luda Bagriy, LWTC Student and IPO Administrative Support

Ed Sargent,

Assistant Dean of Learning Resources

Peggy Setoguchi, International Student Advisor



Discuss Current Ways Offices Communicate with Students/Campus

Talk about Why LWTC (International Programs Office) chose to change methods

Discuss five new ways LWTC International Programs Office has implemented and/or in final processes of implementing:


‘My Space’ & ‘Facebook’ accounts


Google Apps

Positive Outcomes

Challenges and Resolutions

Future Ideas

General Audience Discussion



Why use technology

1. Students/CampusSmall number of staff

2. Up-to-date with student communication methods

3. Challenges with room arrangements

4. Student or intern pride and resume building experience

5. Collaborative work with staff/students across campus

6. Information ease

7. Advising Time On-line

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Why Use Technology?

Why use technology continued

8. Time Limitation Students/Campus

9. Repeated questions from students

10. Increase international understanding/awareness around campus

11. Marketing Tools for Prospective Students

Why Use Technology? (Continued)

New methods used at lwtc
New Methods Used at LWTC Students/Campus

  • E-publications and Newsletter

  • ‘My Space’ & ‘Facebook’ Accounts

  • Podcasting Workshops

  • Google Apps

Positive outcome highlights

1. Feedback is ‘awesome’ Students/Campus

2. Students read/respond to information published in newsletters/publications

3. Students understand the set ‘time frame’ now and expect to see that information

4. Student involvement – student stories, new site suggestions for creative things to implement, updates

5. Clear and easy format – no extra software needed or long/repeated e-mails that students don’t read

6. E-mails are specifically used for important matters dealing with that student (they understand when they see the e-mail it’s for something pertaining to them)

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Positive Outcome Highlights

Positive outcome highlights continued

7. Information has increased student awareness; less repeated questions and traffic flow for general needs

8. Campus awareness

9. Creative and students know we are trying to match their schedules/styles

10. Departments on campus have heard/read our publications/Podcasting and starting to implement in their own areas

11. Team interest; fresh; fun

12. Marketing for prospective students

Positive Outcome Highlights (Continued)

Challenges and working resolutions

1. repeated questions and traffic flow for general needs“My Space” = Student understanding of how to enroll

2. Get everyone to sign agreements prior to signing into ‘My Space’/ ‘Facebook’

3. ‘Down time’ on ‘My Space’ and learning HTML code to start

= Simple handouts and orientation sessions about ‘My Space’

= Have ‘My Space’ orientations in our general new student orientations and Welcome events to get everyone signed up

= Getting help; ‘Facebook’ does not require HTML code

Challenges and ‘Working Resolutions’

Works in progress

E-publications specifically with campus awareness and/or marketing focus

Virtual Reality Site: Second Life

Another newsletter publication: Letter Pop

Works in Progress

New ideas
New Ideas?? marketing focus

  • Your Turn – What Ideas Do YOU Have?

  • Open Discussion Time

Access to information
Access to Information marketing focus

  • Learn the ‘How to’ and Get a Copy of our Presentation on our Wiki:


    Go to: Vancouver Conference

Questions answers
Questions/Answers marketing focus