Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw
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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Last Straw. By: Matthew. Greg.

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  • Greg Heffley is trying to help his family members with their new years resolution. He says his mom needs to chew her potato chips more quietly. His dad said he was going on a srickt diet but Greg caught him eating a brownie. Manny said he was going to throw away his binkey so he did but he grabbed the binkey out of the trash and made all the trash fall out . Rodrick didn’t even make a resolution.


  • Rodrick is a pain to Greg. Rodrick once bet Greg that he couldn't touch his toes while standing strait for $10.00 so he did but Rodrick shot Greg in the back with a paint ball gun. Greg's mom is sooooo happy to have Rodrick but Greg doesn’t understand that.


  • Manny is such a pleasure to have in the family the Heffleys. Greg’s mom LOVES Manny so much and they always never let anyone touch or be mean to him. I can tell Greg has problems with Manny like one time Manny shoved a cookie in Greg’s video game system and it was in the DISC DRIVE. Greg’s game system broke and all Manny gave Greg was a ball of tinfoil with a bunch of toothpicks in it. When Greg went to throw it away his mom wouldn't even let him do THAT!!

Greg s mom
Greg’s Mom

  • Greg’s mom is SUPER LOUD when she chews her potato chips. Greg’s moms name is I think Susan Heffley and her ignitions are SH. Greg’s ignitions are GH. Rodrick’s ignitions are RH, and Manny’s are MH. Greg’s mom is always telling Greg to do stuff like one time Greg was going to Rowley's house (Rowley is Greg’s best friend) but his mom stopped him because for mothers day he gave her a coupon book so she said “You can go to Rowley’s after you clean the dishes”.

Greg s dad
Greg’s Dad

  • Greg’s dad in the last straw he threatened to send Greg to military school. But on the first day of summer vacation Greg didn’t go because he did his dad a BIG favor yesterday. So I guess he came through for Greg because I think the military academy name was HORRIBLE it was called Spag Union.

The end

  • THE END BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!