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ENE692. LECTURE 4_2 HGA Technology. Basic HGA Technology. HGA assembly process HGA process control Suspension design and function Slider design and function. HGA Assembly process. Typical HGA process flow. HGA mechanical controls. HGA alignment. HGA pre-load.

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HGA Technology

Basic hga technology
Basic HGA Technology

  • HGA assembly process

  • HGA process control

  • Suspension design and function

  • Slider design and function

Motivations from gram load adjustment
Motivations from Gram load adjustment

  • Increasing Magnetic Recording Density requires lower and tighter flying height distribution.

  • Suspension Preload is a significant contributor to the flying height. Even more important for femto sliders.

  • HGA (Head Gimble Assembly) and HSA (Head Stack Assembly) processes can produce significant shift of the mean and sigma of gram load and flying height.

  • Gram load adjust can be used to compensate for the deviations caused by crown,camber, etch depths, PSA, stacking tolerances etc. on the flying heights.

Motivations from gram load adjustment1
Motivations from Gram load adjustment

Crown (C) is the maximum separation between the cylindrical contour along the flying direction and an imaginary plane drawn between leading and trailing edges of the ABS.

Camber has a similar definition in the perpendicular direction

between the two sides of the slider.

Slider components1
Slider components

  • Air bearing

  • Read/Write circuit

  • Trailing edge

  • Leading edge