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Our treasured Forbidden  (P4-5)

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Our treasured Forbidden  (P4-5) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our treasured Forbidden  (P4-5). 东莞实验中学 刘守君 E-mail: [email protected] CCurriculum focus. ◆Cultural awareness: exploring the most famous cultural heritage in China. ◆Language skills: writing about a historical building. PPre-reading.

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CCurriculum focus

◆Cultural awareness:exploring the most famous cultural heritagein China

◆Language skills:writing about a historical building

  • Have you ever been to the Palace Museum? What do you know about it?

2. How many palace museums are there in China?

Three: one in Beijing, the other two in Shenyang and Taiwan.


What is exhibited in the Palace museum?

WWhile reading

1. Skimming:

Q1: What does the Forbidden City refer to?

Q2: How long has is been a museum?

It refers to the Palace Museum in Beijing.

80 years.

WWhile Reading

2. Read the passage again. Decide whether the following statements are TRUE(√) or FALSE(×).

( ) 1) This passage is about a TV documentary, "The Palace Museum" .

( ) 2) The Palace Museum became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1961.


( ) 3) The Forbidden City used to be the royal palace for 24 emperors of China.

( ) 4) The Forbidden City was built in the Ming dynasty.

( ) 5) A central axis has been built in the Palace Museum.


WWhile reading

( ) 6) The treasures in the museum travelled all over the world during World War II.

( ) 7) Some of the treasures are kept in Taiwan now.

( ) 8) The staff of Palace Museum managed to protect the treasures.


While Reading

3.Please fill in the blanks with words or

expressions from the passage.

to provide

  • The project is designed _________ young people with work. (Para. 2)
  • 2) Jack and Kim celebrated their twentieth wedding __________ in January. (Para. 3)



3) Gwen sat at her desk, _________ by books and papers. failing to pay her taxes. (Para. 4)

4) Several of the parents give their children ______ for passing exams. (Para. 9)

5) I was still living in London when the war ________. (Para.11)


broke out

set up

6) They want to ______their own import-export business. (Para. 12)

7) She has been absent from work _______illness. (Para. 14)

8) Your little girl's not _______confidence, is she? (Para. 14)

due to

short of

PPost Reading

1. Discussion:

What other famous cultural places do you know about in Beijing? Discuss with your classmates and share what you know about them.

PPost reading

2. Writing: Please write a 100-word article about the Palace Museum according to the following form.

One possible version:

The Forbidden City, also called the Palace Museum, the Purple Forbidden City or Gugong Museum in Chinese, is located in the center of Beijing, China. It was built between 1406 and 1420 during the Ming Dynasty. It was the Imperial home of 24 emperors of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. It has been the Palace Museum for the public since 1950.

Surrounded by a 32-foot high wall, the palace consists of over 800 buildings containing 8,886 rooms. A fine collection of art works, most of which are the emperors’ treasures, are displayed. The Palace Museum is open to tourists from home and abroad drawing the attention of millions of people every year.