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Alexandria House ( Addiction Issue)

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Alexandria House ( Addiction Issue). His 025 Jane Crawford April 16, 2013 Daisy Garcia, Julia Flores, Mariah Jimenez, Monica Zambada. Part I Interview. Name: Liz Born: Santa Monica, California Age: 51

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alexandria house addiction issue

Alexandria House( Addiction Issue)

His 025

Jane Crawford

April 16, 2013

Daisy Garcia, Julia Flores, Mariah Jimenez, Monica Zambada

part i interview
Part IInterview
  • Name: Liz
  • Born: Santa Monica, California
  • Age: 51
  • Parents From: El Paso, Texas ( passed away 6 years ago). Mom from Venice, California ( still living).
  • Problem: Drug Addiction until the age of 35.
    • Lost daughter to the government
    • Non- violent parenting training
    • Was not able to live with daughter until she was 20 years old.
    • Moved to Alexandria House as a second job ( Part Time Position)
    • Personal Problem- Depression once she cared for ill dad. Had to take Prozac to alleviate her anxiety.
  • Drug Addiction
  • Homeless
  • Custody of daughter
  • Husband deported
  • Fathers death
  • Issues with co- workers
part ii drug addiction
Part IIDrug Addiction
  • Health and family relationship
  • More like a disease.
  • Hurts people of any age, sex, and culture.
  • Rob them from their dignity.
  • Women are discriminated.
  • Failure of self- control.
  • Sexual abuse of women and prostitution
  • Government has placed regulations
drug abuse addiction
Drug Abuse/Addiction
  • Drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than good intentions or a strong will.
  • Drugs change the brain in ways that foster compulsive drug abuse.
  • Drug abuse and addiction has negative consequences for individuals and for society.
  • Addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease.
  • No single factor can predict whether a person will become addicted to drugs. Risk for addiction is influenced by a combination of factors
alexandria house
Alexandria House
  • Diversity ( All women)
  • Family oriented
  • Contribute to one another
  • Support residents
  • Mentors
  • Opportunities for a better life
  • Provide women with job opportunities
reactions towards liz
Reactions towards Liz
  • Vulnerable towards her drug addiction
  • Striving woman
  • Down to Earth
  • Still scared to open up to other women.
  • She moves on and does not let her past affect her.
  • Reconnects back with her daughter ( admirable)
  • Change her life for the good.
  • Loving towards life.
recommendations towards drug addictions
Recommendations towards drug addictions
  • Take advantage of Alexandria House and the resources.
  • Not to let past experiences affect them
  • Look for help.
  • Recognize your problem.
  • Be part of Alexandria House do not outcast yourself.
  • Be aware that you are not the only person going through the same struggles.
visits to alexandria house
Visits to Alexandria House
  • Interview with Liz
  • Cleaned kitchen for remodeling
  • Baked with two Middle Eastern girls from Bangladesh and Ethiopia.
  • Supported the two girls while they made a Disney video.
  • Easter egg hunt party.
  • Took care of toddlers during yard sale.
  • Yard sale clean up.
our reflections
Our Reflections

Social problems are very serious in the surrounding areas.

  • Women and children confront or hide their problems.
  • Each family has different situations.
  • Affected by culture, family, economic status & environment
  • All share similar situations
  • Alexandria House is diverse and family orientated
  • Depending on their background- different personalities
  • Alexandria House- helpful, full of support & opportunities‘
  • Poverty is major issue these women and children face on a daily basis
  • Foddy, Bennett, Julian Savulescu., A Liberal Account of Addiction., The John Hopkins University Press., Vol. 17 No.1 March 2010. 1-2.
  • Kandall, Stephen R., Substance and Shadow: Women and Addiction in the United States., Bulletin of the History of Medecine, 72.1 ( 1998). 152-153.
  • Interview: Liz. Alexandria House. February 16, 2013