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Camera Remote Control Software HZC-RCP5 information

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Camera Remote Control Software HZC-RCP5 information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Camera Remote Control Software HZC-RCP5 information. Product Concept.

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Camera Remote Control Software

HZC-RCP5 information

product concept
Product Concept
  • New HZC-RCP5 camera control PC software can solve the issue like neither RCP-1000 nor the front panel of HXCU-D70 has a capability to control “Paint” parameters of HXC-D70 camera, even though HXC-D70 has so fruitful “Paint” functions which can make very creative image of camera, which is a affordable pricing PC application software but can control all of camera parameters of HXC-D70, and more, not only one camera but up to 5 cameras can be controlled by a HZC-RCP5 software. This is a significant benefit for the HXC-D70 customers both for cost and functional aspects.
  • Another benefit of HZC-RCP5 is that the GUI of this software can show a lot of parameters at once in the GUI on the PC screen, which is very convenience for customers to understand the functions and settings of the camera very easily, therefore, this capability will be very welcome even for educational purpose of SONY camera. And this GUI is very visible and looks attractive while the demonstration of HXC-D70 series, so it will be effective to utilize HZC-RCP5 also for our promotional purpose.
recommended operating environment
Recommended Operating Environment
  • Operating System of the PC
    • Windows 7 English version (with Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5.1 or later installed)
    • Professional: 32-/64-bit
    • Ultimate: 32-/64-bit
  • PC Hardware
    • Memory: 2 GB or more
    • With LAN interface equipped
    • A monitor with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels or higher
    • CPU with clock rate of 1 GHz or more
    • Notes
      • Connections using the Internet or an Intranet may cause problems of competition with other traffic or security, and sufficient performance may not be obtained. For stable system operation, it is recommended to configure a separate network.
      • To avoid disconnection of transmission, be sure to set the power-saving function of a PC to OFF. The power-saving function of a monitor does not affect transmission.
      • Wireless LAN connection may cause unstable status in some environments.
  • Connectable Devices
    • This application can ONLY support HXCU-D70 with HXC-D70 camera only.
    • Other CCU (camera) has NOTbeen supported in this software version.
system configuration
System Configuration

Up to five sets of HXCU-D70 with HXC-D70 camera (CCU numbers 1-5) can be connected with this application software HZC-RCP5 in LAN environment.

functions of gui screen
Functions of GUI Screen
  • This section describes the contents of GUIs as “Panel” screen and “Paint Menu” screen.
  • Panel Screen (Panel Mode)
  • Paint Menu Screen (Menu Mode)
software version hzc rcp5
Software version HZC-RCP5
  • PC RCP for HXC-D70
  • All RCP functions
  • Can control up to 5 HXC-D70’s
panel screen panel mode
Panel Screen (Panel Mode)
  • Camera number
    • This number is displayed when connection between a camera and PC is established via the network.
  • Tally lamp
    • Lights when the tally signal is input.
  • [Preview] button
    • Outputs a preview signal from the device indicated by the camera number.
  • [Call] button
    • Outputs a call signal to the device indicated by the camera number.
  • [Active] button
    • Switches Panel Active to ON/OFF. This application can control camera parameters only when active status is set.
  • Para lamp
    • Lights when another panel is in parallel status. Parallel status is not supported in this application.
  • Alarm lamp
    • Lights when a camera issues an alarm.
  • Iris/Auto Iris
    • While Auto Iris function is used, te [Auto Iris] button lights on.

When at [Auto Iris]

paint menu screen menu mode
Paint Menu Screen (Menu Mode)

In this GUI, most of HXC-D70 camera picture parameters can be displayed and controlled, including even Scene File and Matrix.