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Got Jobs?

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Got Jobs?
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  1. Got Jobs?  Presented by: PSLA Students Committee Susan Hefley

  2. Session Overview • Session One: • Getting you the job! • Networking • Finding a job • Interviews • Portfolios • What to know before you begin Resources: Check everything out online in our Live Binder:

  3. Introductions • Susan Hefley Co-Chair PSLA Students Committee and an elementary librarian in the Moniteau School District; Program Monitor: iConnect to PSLA Program • Session Attendees please tell us your name, if you are a student or looking for a job or have a job, where you would like to find a job (geography and age level), and if you know of any job openings.

  4. Networking Make them work FOR you, not against you.

  5. Finding the Jobs • Ten Steps to Get Started • PSLA Conference Job Board • Network at PSLA Conference • PSLA Students Job Board • Work your network, expand your network

  6. Finding the Job Sites • PSLA Jobs Board • PSEA Ed Jobs • PA-REAP • PA-Educator • LIS Jobs • ALA's Job List • Library Journal Jobs • Library Job Postings: Compilation of even MORE sites • LibGig • SL Directory • Mansfield • Drexel

  7. More Important Job Sites • Do your research (using the Internet, word of mouth, a phone book, ANYTHING) to list EACH and EVERY single school district you would consider working for. Find their websites and check back frequently. • Don’t forget! The small private, charter, magnet, or other special schools……they need librarians too. • The Pittsburgh Consortium of Independent Schools has a site with links to it's member schools. • Also check Pittsburgh Area Independent School Teachers Association it has links to it's member school sites

  8. Getting an Interview • The importance of Secretaries • Resumes • Cover Letters • RESEARCH • Polish your image

  9. Preparing for the Interview • Practice, practice, practice • Check out the MANY questions on the PSLA Students Site. • KNOW the answers to these 5 questions • Appreciate constructive criticism • RESEARCH • Know your audience • Impress them with your FIT for their school

  10. Interviews • What should you DO before your interviews? • Dress Professionally • Organize your portfolio (personalize it for EACH interview) • Google yourself • Beware of MySpace, Facebook and Flikr and how you are represented online (it impacts impressions of you BEFORE you even get to the interview). Remove, add or correct all that you can to provide a positive impression. • Also be aware that everyone has beliefs about acceptable behavior for a teacher, just because you think it is ‘ok’ and shows what a ‘fun person you are’ does not mean that everyone would agree with you, sometimes it is safer to prepare for conservative interviewers than to leave those ‘fun’ pictures on Flikr.

  11. Portfolios and E-Portfolios PSLA Students Website: Portfolio Page

  12. What is the job description? Can I see/visit the library? Fixed vs. Flexible and Would I have any time for collaboration? Is there any clerical staff? What is your vision for the library program? What questions should a librarian candidate ask at the interview? * Don’t ask questions just to hear yourself talk.  The interview is not the place to ask any kind of salary question unless you are being offered the job then and there. If there is something you really need to know.  Ask. But you can find out a lot by talking informally to staff and teachers. You DO want to show interest in their school, district and community. Anytime you can make a connection and make that interviewer LIKE you you are gold.

  13. What do I do now? Action Plan Find all the jobs you can. Starting today. You are carrying a notepad writing down all these openings right? A trip through the exhibits should yield AT LEAST 5-10 openings  Research these and more jobs. Polish your resume and cover letter, personalizing it each time. Send it off. Schedule those interviews. Do MORE research! 4. Use your research to personalize your portfolio and interview tricks. 5. Practice for the Interview, lay out your professional outfit. 6. Breathe! 7. Ace the Interview and claim the best job. 8. Come back next year and teach this session :-D