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Lions Clubs International Foundation & Your Lions Club PowerPoint Presentation
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Lions Clubs International Foundation & Your Lions Club

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Lions Clubs International Foundation & Your Lions Club - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lions Clubs International Foundation & Your Lions Club. Welcome and Introduction. LCIF is…. A global leader in humanitarian service Lions helping Lions serve the world Lions serving your community Lions serving the world community. LCIF…. Is the official charitable Foundation of LCI

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Lions Clubs International Foundation & Your Lions Club

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Presentation Transcript
lcif is
LCIF is…
  • A global leader in humanitarian service
  • Lions helping Lions serve the world
  • Lions serving your community
  • Lions serving the world community
  • Is the official charitable Foundation of LCI
  • provides grants to assist Lions with large-scale humanitarian projects
  • Has awarded 9,000 grants totaling more than US$640 million in its 40-year history
  • Awarded US$41 million in grants in fiscal year 2007-2008 alone
  • Makes miracles possible through the support of Lions and Lions clubs

Above all, LCIF is….

lcif facts
LCIF Facts
  • LCIF receives no club dues; it is fully supported by the generosity of Lions worldwide.
  • 100% of all donations go directly toward LCIF’s humanitarian projects.
  • LCIF supports Lions’ efforts to carry out essential humanitarian service in their local and world communities
how does lcif help your district
How Does LCIF Help Your District?
  • Helps Lions respond collectively to major humanitarian concerns in your community and around the world
  • Enables Lions to help Lions…especially in times of calamity and disaster
  • Funds projects too big for districts/clubs to do on their own
  • Develops relevant grant-making initiatives to help Lions better serve the world community
pillars of service
Pillars of Service
  • Through LCIF, Lions…
    • Preserve Sight
    • Combat Disability
    • Promote Health
    • Serve Youth
    • Provide Disaster Relief

Local Service,

Global Impact

lcif preserves sight
LCIF Preserves Sight
  • Preschool Vision Screenings
  • Sight For Kids
    • Partnership with Johnson & Johnson
  • General eye-care services
  • SightFirst program

In 1925, Helen Keller challenged Lions to be “Knights of the Blind.” Since then, it has been Lions’ mission to provide “Vision for All.”

lcif combats disability
LCIF Combats Disability
  • Special Olympics Opening Eyes Program
    • Provides athletes with vision testing and eyeglasses
    • More than 100,000 athletes screened
  • Habitat for Humanity partnership
    • Funded the construction of 1,000 homes for people with disabilities
  • Affordable Hearing Aid Project
    • Provides high-quality, low-cost hearing aids
lcif supports youth
LCIF Supports Youth
  • Lions Quest
    • Launched in 1984
    • Teaches life skills, character education, civic values, drug prevention and service-learning education
    • Active in 44 countries serving more than 11 million youth
  • LCIF grants have helped build schools, clinics, youth camps and shelters for children
lcif provides disaster relief
LCIF Provides Disaster Relief

LCIF provides emergency assistance when natural disasters strike

  • Southeast Asia Tsunami
    • US$15.4 million
  • Hurricane Katrina
    • More than US$5 million
  • Sichuan (China) Earthquake
    • More than US$2 million
  • Hundreds of grants awarded for local disasters around the world(earthquakes, floods, etc.)
lcif grant programs
LCIF Grant Programs
  • Standard Grants:Matching grants of up to US$75,000 for local humanitarian service projects.
  • Core 4 Grants:Funds special projects in eyesight, disability, health and youth (1 per district) up to US$200,000.
  • SightFirst Grants:Blindness prevention and sight restoration projects in neediest areas.
  • International Assistance Grants:Support club twinning projects; US$5,000 to US$30,000 (1 per district or club annually).
standard grants
Standard Grants
  • Broadest category of LCIF funding
    • 143 grants awarded in 2007-08 totaling US$6.6 million
    • In 2008-09 to date, 55 grants approved totaling more than US$2.5 million
  • Standard grants match funds up to US$75,000
  • Support large-scale Lions’ projects(equipment or construction only- no operating costs)
  • Bottom Up: Lions identify and develop projects
  • Provide local impact & community visibility for Lions
  • A minimum of two clubs are required to apply
standard grant review and approval
Standard Grant Review and Approval
  • Applications due 60 days before LCIF Board meeting; but earlier submission is recommended
  • LCIF staff pre-reviews applications; clarifications and changes may be requested
  • LCIF Exec. Committee reviews applications that meet all preliminary requirements
  • Applications are either:
    • approved (sometimes with conditions or at a reduced amount)
    • tabled (pending further information)
    • or denied
  • LCIF grant money is not disbursed until local funds are collected
standard grants in action
Standard Grants in Action

An LCIF grant of US$72,750 and funds raised by the Lions in District 33-A (Massachusetts,USA) were used to refurbish the Clara Barton Camp. Each summer, 400 girls, ages 6 through 16, with Type-I insulin-dependent diabetes attend the camp.

The result: Thanks to Lions, campers meet others with their condition and learn to manage their diabetes.

core 4 grants
Core 4 Grants
  • Support special initiatives under the four primary service commitments of Lions:

In 2007-08, LCIF awarded 47 Core 4 grants totaling US$3.7 million

  • Grants are given on a 3-to-1 matching basis in most instances (25% local funding)
core 4 funding priorities
Core 4 Funding Priorities
  • Preserving Sight
    • Low Vision Projects
    • Preschool Vision Screening Program (formerly “Photo Screening”)
  • Combating Disability
    • Partnership with Habitat for Humanity
    • Partnership with Special Olympics “Opening Eyes”
  • Promoting Health
    • Diabetes Prevention and Treatment
  • Serving Youth
    • Lions Quest Program
core 4 grants in action
Core 4 Grants in Action

District 14-T (Pennsylvania, USA) Lions and two medical centers organized a mass screening for diabetic retinopathy, a blinding diabetes-related condition. LCIF provided a US$77,000 grant to establish an eye-screening program for diabetic patients in a rural area.

The result: Lions are preventing blindness for many at risk.

international assistance grants iag
International Assistance Grants (IAG)
  • Support for international twinning-type projects
  • Need Lions club in at least 2 countries to partner (a sponsor and host club)
  • Sponsor club/district raises some funding and applies for grant; host club helps implement
  • In 2007-2008, LCIF awarded 34 IAG grants totaling $389,229
examples of iag projects
Examples of IAG projects
  • Eyeglass and medical missions
  • Clean water and wells
  • Equipment for Blindness and Disability Rehab Centers
  • Environmental Protection
  • Rural Development
int l assistance grants in action
Int’l. Assistance Grants in Action

The Lions Club of Issoire, France (District 103-CS) joined the Lions Club of Bamako, Mali (District 403-A), to provide technical assistance and project funding to install local deep-water wells with an IAG approved by LCIF for US$30,000.

The result: Lions bringing clean water and improved health to thousands of people.

emergency grants
Emergency Grants
  • Immediate response to natural disasters
  • Up to US$10,000 available to districts
  • In 2007-08 alone, LCIF awarded US$1.93 million for 229 disasters around the world
  • Local Lions purchase & distribute vital supplies to meet immediate needs:
    • Food and water
    • Clothing and infant care
    • First-aid supplies
    • Hygiene and cleaning supplies
emergency grant regulations
Emergency Grant Regulations
  • Disaster must be large in scope, displacing or affecting 100 or more people
  • LCIF funds Lions-led relief activities
  • One grant per district, per disaster
  • Grant must be requested within 30 days of disaster; funds must be spent within 60 days
  • May not be used for lodging, building materials or to replace lost or damaged property
  • Final reports to be submitted to LCIF with receipts for goods purchased by Lions
emergency grants in action
Emergency Grants in Action

“The relief aid from LCIF gave hope and reassurance to the victims that they are not alone…

“There are Lions who care and are willing to share with the less fortunate and victims of natural calamities.”

- Levi Damaso, Jr.

Past District Governor, Philippines

sightfirst program grants
SightFirst Program Grants
  • SightFirst is LCIF’s flagship blindness prevention program
  • SightFirst has:
    • Saved the sight of 27 million people
    • Prevented vision loss for 30 million
    • Improved eye-care services for hundreds of millions
  • Awarded 922 grants totaling US$231 million to 90 countries
  • US $6: Average cost to save or restore a person’s sight through SightFirst
campaign sightfirst ii
Campaign SightFirst II
  • Will continue and expand the SightFirst program
  • Lions worldwide responded to make CSFII LCIF’s greatest success
  • Raised more than US$200 million, exceeding Lions’ challenge goal
  • Did Lions in your club and districtparticipate?

Thank you, Lions!

lions historic generosity
Lions’ Historic Generosity
  • LCIF received record generosity from Lions worldwide through CSFII
    • More than 60% of Lions worldwide participating
    • More than 90,000 gifts to CSFII
    • 124 gifts of US$25,000 – US$99,999
    • 91 gifts of US$100,000 or more
      • US$700,000 gift – Lion Kanaksinh K. Babla, Kenya
      • US$2,600,000 gift – NORAD, Norway
      • US$3,000,000 gift – PDG Aruna Oswal & Family, India
      • US$4,000,000 gift – Moorfields Eye Hospital Foundation Trust, UK
      • US$7,500,000 gift – GHEF, Kenneth Behring, USA
sightfirst grant in action
SightFirst grant in Action

“We all know Lions are dedicated to helping us until the blinding parasite disappears completely... Because of Lions, it is now rare to see blind people here.”

-Hilario of Chiapas, Mexico SightFirst patient, river blindness

“I’m very happy to get back my eyesight, I can see clearly, just like my early days.God bless the Lions for the noble work they are doing.”

- Adabala Lakshmi Narasamha, India, SightFirst patient, cataract

lcif grants in review
LCIF Grants in Review
  • Lions clubs and districts worldwide are eligible to receive LCIF grants
  • Lions in your area are welcome to apply for LCIF grants
  • As you serve your local and world communities, LCIF staff and LCIF volunteer coordinators are here to serve and assist you.
  • Through LCIF grants, Lions are changing the world and changing lives
tips for grant applications
Tips for Grant Applications
  • Contact LCIF before applying and submit application ASAP
  • No funding or reimbursement for completed projects
  • Background info on beneficiary organization
  • Lions’ financial contributions and involvement
  • Full contact information and multiple correspondence is needed
  • Consult past international leadership
tips for grant applications32
Tips for Grant Applications
  • Clearly lay out the project’s objectives, including number of beneficiaries
  • Fill out the application in its entirety
  • An income and expense budget is needed; the more income collected, the better
  • Project must be large-scale and one Lions cannot fund on their own
your club can make a difference through lcif
Your club can make a difference through LCIF
  • Promote LCIF in your community by publicizing Lions’ LCIF accomplishments
  • Donate to LCIF to ensure programs continue
    • Honor Roll
    • Contributing Member
    • Club Plaque
    • Corporate Plaque
    • Melvin Jones Fellowships and Progressive Fellowships
    • Memorial Donation
ways to promote lcif
Ways to promote LCIF

Read LCIF features in THE LION Magazine

Share district LCIF news with local media

Track recent grants awarded to your area

Visit for new and free resources:

Lions News Network (LNN) LCIF videos

News releases

Brochures and materials

PowerPoint presentations

Subscribe to Chairperson’s monthly e-mail

Recently approved grants

why donate to lcif
Why donate to LCIF?

LCIF is Lions helping Lions serve the world

All funds donated to LCIF go toward a grant

Lions’ support is crucial -- donations from Lions provide the majority of LCIF's revenue

The Financial Times ranked LCIF as the #1 non-governmental organization (NGO) worldwide with which to partner

ways to donate to lcif
Ways to donate to LCIF

Fulfill pledges already made to CSFII

Honor Roll

Recognizes individuals donating US$100 to LCIF

Donations can be made in another’s name

Recipients receive an Honor Roll certificate and are added to the Honor Roll at LCI Headquarters

Contributing Members

Donate US$20 or more annually to LCIF

Recognized with pins at three levels of support: US$20, US$50 and US$100

Banner patch and chevron for the first year of 100% Contributing Membership in club

ways to donate to lcif37
Ways to donate to LCIF

Memorial Donations

Recognize individuals who make a donation to LCIF in memory of another

Donor and family receive a card in memory of the person

Planned Gifts

Bequests, wills, charitable gift-annuities, etc.

Club Plaque

Recognize Lions clubs that donate US$1,000 or more to LCIF

Corporate Plaque

Corporations that donate US$1,000 or more to LCIF

Many companies/employers offer matching gift programs

ways to donate to lcif38
Ways to donate to LCIF

Melvin Jones Fellowships(MJF)

LCIF’s highest honor and recognizes humanitarian service for LCIF donations of US$1,000

Presented to individuals who donate US$1,000 to LCIF or to individuals for whom a US$1,000 donation was made by others

Installments/pledges toward MJFs are common

Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowships (PMJF) honor those making additional US$1,000 donations to LCIF

MJFs/PMJFs Provide 70% of all LCIF program funding

lcif your foundation
LCIF, Your Foundation

Questions? Contact LCIF

LCIF Staff can help and are there to serve you as you serve the world

LCIF Volunteer Coordinators are LCIF Ambassadors

Replace former LCIF Chairperson role

LCIF Coordinators can assist your club and club members with questions, inquiries, donation follow-up, grant applications, etc.

lcif your foundation40
LCIF, Your Foundation

Through LCIF, Lions are changing the world and changing lives

Thank you, Lions!