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Headers and Footers. Where are the Header and Footer?. Headers and Footers. Headers go in the top margin Footers go in the bottom margin Top and bottom, just like heads and feet!  They contain information such as title, date, or page number. Headers and Footers.

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Headers and footers1
Headers and Footers

  • Headers go in the top margin

  • Footers go in the bottom margin

  • Top and bottom, just like heads and feet! 

  • They contain information such as title, date, or page number

Headers and footers2
Headers and Footers

  • Double-click inside the header or footer to get into it and enter information

  • Double-click outside the header of footer to get out of it

  • Create them on one page and they repeaton every page

  • The first page usually has NO HEADER OR FOOTER because it already has the title on it

Suppressing the header or footer
Suppressing the Header or Footer

  • The first page doesn’t need a header or footer, so we suppress it

  • Suppressing removes the header and footer from the first page

  • Double-click inside the header > check off Different First Page

Headers in reports
Headers in Reports

  • Title on the left Date on the right

How to insert a header
How to Insert a Header

  • Insert menu > Header > Blank (Three Columns)

Formatting a blank header
Formatting a Blank Header

  • Tab stops are already put in the header for you

  • Type in the title at the left

  • Press Tab once to move to the center tab; press again to move to the far right tab stop

  • Click Insert > Date & Time andchoose a date/time format or type the date yourself

Footers in reports
Footers in Reports

  • Page number in the center

Footers in reports1
Footers in Reports

  • You can also double-click inside the footer, and then click Page Number > Bottom of Page > Plain Number 2

  • Typing a page number yourself DOES NOT WORK – Word will repeat the same number on every page

Different header and footer
Different Header and Footer

  • The header and footer should always be different

  • You don’t need to repeat the same information at the top and the bottom of the page

Headers in multi page letters
Headers in Multi-Page Letters

  • Name of the addressee (recipient) on the left

  • Date on the right

Footers in multi page letters
Footers in Multi-Page Letters

  • Page number at the center

    • Same as a multi-page report

  • Can also put the page number in the header instead

    • Centered between the title and the date

Adding formatting elements
Adding Formatting Elements

  • Formatting elements include borders, symbols , bolding, italics, colours

  • Select (highlight) the information in the header or footer

  • Apply your desired formatting elements

    • Borders and bolding help the header stand out

    • Borders are on the Home menu

Removing headers or footers
Removing Headers or Footers

  • Insert > Header > Remove Header

  • Or

  • Insert > Footer > Remove Footer


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