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DISASTER SERVICE WORKERS AND RACES ACTIVATION. Who, What, Why & How. What is a Disaster Service Worker?. Any person registered with an accredited disaster council … for the purpose of engaging in disaster service without pay or other monetary consideration. What is Disaster Service?.

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what is a disaster service worker
What is a Disaster Service Worker?
  • Any person registered with an accredited disaster council … for the purpose of engaging in disaster service without pay or other monetary consideration.
what is disaster service
What is Disaster Service?
  • All activities authorized by and carried on pursuant to the California Emergency Services Act while assisting and under the authority of any unit of the emergency organization during a proclaimed emergency or during a disaster to mitigate an imminent threat of extreme peril to life, property and resources including approved documented and supervised training necessary to engage in such activities.
classifications and general duties
Classifications and General Duties
  • Communications. Install, operate and maintain various communications systems and perform related service, to assist officials and individuals in the protection of life and property.
  • Also:
  • Community Emergency Response Team Member.
  • Emergency Operation Center/Incident Command.
when am i covered as a dsw
When am I covered as a DSW?
  • When activated and assigned by proper authority.
what s in it for you
What’s in it for you?
  • Workers Compensation coverage by State Compensation Insurance Fund
    • Death Benefit
    • Wage Continuation
    • Medical Treatment
  • Limited liability protection when acting within scope of assignment and training
the elements of disaster service activation
The Elements of Disaster Service Activation
  • Registration
  • Training
  • Activation
  • Assignment
  • Supervision
  • Only an “authorized person” may register you.
  • You must have a current DSW registration on file with the entity that is activating you.
  • DSW registration does not expire, but the Blue Cards do.
  • Personal information must be verified every five years.
  • Training is the responsibility of the local ARES group under direction of the Coordinator of the Office of Emergency Services (OES).
  • In Mountain View there are 3 levels of qualification.
    • Level 1 – Field communicator
    • Level 2 – EOC communicator
    • Level 3 – Mutual Aid Communicator
  • Major emphasis is on safety and effectiveness of responders.
  • Only an entity with whom you are registered may activate you.
  • An “Activation Number” will be issued.
  • e.g., MTV-12-01T
  • You will usually get your assignment by radio.
  • Standard shifts are 8 hours.
  • Location will be given by common name, address and Thomas Bros. map coordinates.
  • e.g., Mountain View Fire Station 4, 229 N. Whisman Rd., Thomas 812A5.
  • You must be under continuous supervision while acting under assignment.
  • This means you must be reachable by radio at all times,
  • and that means you must have a radio that can be operated with reasonable range while you are in your car (e.g., mag-mount antenna)
example self alerting earthquake
Example (Self-Alerting Earthquake)
  • Make sure everything is okay at home
  • Tune to W6ASH repeater (145.270)
  • Make Mike-Mike Reports
  • Listen for K6MTV to announce
  • Switch to MTV Tactical (146.535)
  • Make your availability known to MTV Tactical Net Control Operator
example non self alerting event
Example (Non-Self-Alerting Event)
  • AlertSCC or Telephone Tree
  • Contact info will be given
  • May use AA6BT (146.115) or W6ASH (145.270) repeaters (they may be linked) or MTV Tactical (146.535 or 147.495)
  • Make your availability known to Net Control Operator
example continued
Example Continued
  • Net Control may or may not make immediate activation and assignment.
  • If not immediately activated, check your go-kit and go about your business but continue to monitor MTV Tactical
  • Do not self-activate!!!
example continued1
Example Continued
  • Net Control will call you at some point and offer activation.
  • If you accept activation, you will be given an assignment.
  • Before leaving home, call MTV Tactical and inform that you are ready to roll.
  • You will be given travel and reporting information and be requested to check-in every 15 min. with location and odometer reading.
example continued2
Example Continued
  • Upon arrival at assignment, inform NCO and then register with person in charge at that location.
  • You are assigned as a communicator, don’t take on tasks that will interfere with duties as communicator.
  • If you need to go off the air inform Net control.
example continued3
Example Continued
  • Upon relief at end of assignment, check-out with person in charge at that location.
  • Inform NCO that you are proceeding to home.
  • Check-in every 15 minutes on the way home.
  • You are our responsibility from portal to portal.
records and logs
Records and Logs
  • ICS-211 Checkin List – Be sure you are on the receiving agency’s records.
  • ICS-214 Unit Activity Log – This is your personal record of activities.
  • ICS-309 Communications Log – Record of messages handled on behalf of served agency
  • Turn them all in before you leave.
the blue dsw card
The Blue “DSW” Card
  • What it is
    • A passport through security lines when under assignment
    • Only for official use
  • What it isn’t
    • It is not an ID Card
    • It is not a get-out-of-jail card
what s it say
What’s it Say?
  • “The bearer of this identification is on official business in response to an emergency or disaster situation. If safety permits, please allow passage to destination.”
  • “It is a misdemeanor to wear, carry or display without authority, any means of identification specified by the emergency agency of the state.”
interaction with authority
  • Approach in the field of vision of the officer,
  • Keep hands in sight,
  • Greet the officer,
  • Identify yourself,
  • Show identification,
  • State who sent you,
  • State where you are headed,
  • State what you will do there,
  • Request permission to pass,
  • Thank the officer.
wrap up
  • Discussion/Questions
  • Fill-out and return Disaster Service Worker Information Sheet
  • Inform Spouse/S.O./Family of Workers Comp. provisions