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Burnell Moliere

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Burnell Moliere - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Burnell Moliere is the founder and owner of AME Services Inc., a multi-million dollar firm that provides facility maintenance services all across the United States.

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Burnell Moliere

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Burnell Moliere is a Norco, Louisiana based entrepreneur who has secured multimillion dollar deals through his firm AME Services. He founded this firm around two decades ago, and it has achieved huge success in the market. AME Services is a leading facility maintenance company and has around 500 employees. AME Services has completed several facility maintenance projects for government agencies as well as private industry customers.


AME Services provides its facility maintenance services in forty plus states of the US and the District of Columbia. The first service contract of AME was worth only $450 per month, and the company acquired multiple contracts worth nearly $20,000,000 in annual revenues in next few years.


Moliere is a dynamic businessman with over 30 years of experience and had worked at managerial positions for various companies before initiating his own business venture. Burnell Moliere gives credit of his achievements to his staff, the people he met over the years, and his near and dear ones. He thanks all those people who believed in him and were with him in his journey to success.


Burnell Moliere, on his part, likes to work for the betterment of people and thinks that everyone should help one another to create an atmosphere conducive to growth. He started a Community Based Corrections Service (CBC) with the mission to help in reducing the burden on prisons.


Moliere has been successful at political front too. He assisted Curtis Johnson in 1976, and Eddie Jordan in 2002 by managing their campaigns. Curtis Johnson won the campaign and became the first black official from St. Charles Parish and Eddie Jordan became the first District Attorney in the City of New Orleans.


About Burnell Moliere

Burnell Moliere is a businessman and humanitarian. He owns Louisiana based firm AME Services. To know more about him and his firm, browse through