5 th grade curriculum night
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5 th Grade Curriculum Night. Room 201 ~ Shelley Houle : Writing & Social Studies Room 202 ~ Dianne Hanawalt: Math Room 204 ~ Tiffiny Sleight: Reading Room 205 ~ Caitlan Wagner: Science. Reading. Reader’s Workshop Model Teacher teaches targeted mini-lessons that meet common core standard

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5 th grade curriculum night

5th Grade Curriculum Night

Room 201 ~ Shelley Houle: Writing & Social Studies

Room 202 ~ Dianne Hanawalt: Math

Room 204 ~ Tiffiny Sleight: Reading

Room 205 ~ Caitlan Wagner: Science


  • Reader’s Workshop Model

    • Teacher teaches targeted mini-lessons that meet common core standard

    • Students self-select “just right” books to read silently

    • Students practice skills from mini-lessons using their own book or teacher selected passage

    • Teacher facilitates 1:1 conferencing and small guided groups

  • Resources

    • Scott Foresman (CSD adopted anthology)

    • Storyworks magazine by Scholastic

    • Leveled books

    • Literature Studies

      Homework Expectations: One book report per trimester, read 20 minutes each evening at least 5 times a week.


  • Writer’s Workshop Model

    • Teacher teaches targeted mini-lessons that meet state standards

    • Students practice writing in their journals

    • Teacher facilitates 1:1 conferencing and small guided groups

  • Writing Forms (about one formal essay due each quarter)

    • Narratives (personal and fiction)

    • Opinion Writing

    • Informational Writing

Traditional spelling vs sitton
Traditional Spelling vs. Sitton

  • Traditional

    • 20 words a week

    • Weekly words based on spelling patterns

    • Words are different each week

    • No emphasis on spelling correctly in writing

  • Sitton Spelling

    • Number varies each week

    • Words based on targeted skills lessons and pulled from grade level priority and core words

    • Words are cycled…they keep popping up.

    • Focused emphasis on proofreading skills and improving spelling in content areas (reading, writing, science, etc.)

All Sitton and Challenge Spelling words can be practiced at www.spellingcity.com. You can also review your child’s test scores there by clicking on “Records” at the top of the page or App.

Social studies
Social Studies

  • In fifth grade, students use their understanding of social studies concepts and cause-and-effect relationships to study the development of the United Statesup to 1791.

    • History

    • Geography

    • Economics

    • Civics

Social studies1

Social Studies

Areas of Study

~Development of Indigenous Societies ~First Contact with Europeans ~Explorers ~Colonization ~Rising Tensions between Colonies and Britain

~The Revolutionary War ~ The Constitution and Government


  • Grades 4 – 5 consists of nine Core Content Standards within the science domains.

    • Physical Science(force and motion, states of matter, and heat, light, sound and electricity)

    • Earth and Space Science(earth in space, formation of earth materials, and focus on fossils)

    • Life Science (structures and behaviors, food webs, and heredity and adaptation)

5 th grade curriculum night

  • Within the context of several science lessons..

    • Systems…how the parts of objects, plants, and animals are connected and work together.

    • Inquiry…conduct a variety of investigations.

    • Application…product of own design to solve a problem.

Camas district
Camas District

  • FOSS kits

    • Matter and Energy

    • Landforms

    • Environments

    • Food and Nutrition

    • Models and Designs

  • Robotics

  • Students will be taking the Science portion of the MSP

    this year.

5 th grade curriculum night

  • Common Core State Standards

    • Operations and Algebraic Thinking

      • Order of operations, algebraic expressions, patterns and ordered pairs.

    • Number and Operations in Base Ten

      • Place value, decimals, multiplication, division

    • Number and Operations – Fractions

      • Add and subtract fractions, multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers

    • Measurement and Data

      • Measurement conversions, understand and find volume of 3-D figures

    • Geometry

      • Coordinate planes, classify polygons

5 th grade curriculum night

Mathematical Practices

  • Persevere in solving problems.

  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively.

  • Construct arguments and critique reasoning of others.

  • Model with mathematics.

  • Use tools strategically

  • Attend to precision.

  • Look for structure.

  • Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

For example understand the place value
For example…Understand the Place Value

Mike’s teacher asked him to write 987.654 in expanded notation. Mike wrote 900 + 80 + 7 + .6 + .50 + .400

What is Mike’s misconception? How would you explain expanded notation to help Mike understand expanded notation?

Proficient in Performance

1) Student explains that Mike doesn’t understand place value for the digits behind the decimal.

2) Student generates an explanation of Mike’s misconception and clearly explains how they would help Mike fix his misconception.

5 th grade curriculum night

  • Jessa has 23 one-dollar bills that she wants to divide equally between her 5 children.

    • How much money will each receive? How much money will Jessa have left over?

    • ii. Jessa exchanged the remaining one-dollar bills for dimes. If she divides the money equally between her 5 children, how much money will each child get?

Standards practice site
Standards practice site

  • IXL at www.ixl.com

    • Individualized practice of Common Core Standards

    • Student access through username and password

    • Teacher/parent/student can monitor progress