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Making the Most of Opportunities Natalie Hodgess PowerPoint Presentation
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Making the Most of Opportunities Natalie Hodgess

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Making the Most of Opportunities Natalie Hodgess - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making the Most of Opportunities Natalie Hodgess. Contents. Background World of Difference New strategy Young Social Innovators How to get involved Questions. Over €7m contributed since 2003 . Background. World of Difference

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World of Difference

New strategy

Young Social Innovators

How to get involved



World of Difference

25 annual winners since 2007

World of Difference

World of Difference

World of Difference

25 Annual Winners since 2007

2011 Winners

2012 Winners


New strategy – power to youth

NEW strategy to commit to one issue

Young people of Ireland

We believe every young person has the potential to change the world for good through their passions

Effects of Recession disproportionately affecting young people (25% unemployment, 78k emigration, leading to growing social behaviour issues, addiction, suicide, disillusion, disempowerment)

Vodafone Foundation to be involved in the prevention rather than the cure, to have a meaningful impact and prevent ‘a lost generation of youth’


New partnership – Young Social Innovators

3 year partnership with Young Social Innovators (YSI)

YSI vision is to fire young peoples' passion to change the world for good.

Currently in over 200 secondary schools and youthreach centres in Ireland.

The programme encourages groups of young people to work together on projects that address a problem that they feel effects them and their community or the wider society. They use creativity, passion and teamwork to bring their projects to life.

social innovation
Social Innovation

Social Innovation is thepractice of using creativityto develop solutionswhich improve the well being of people and society


YSI projects 2012

Forget me not

Davis College, Mallow, Co. Cork.

Social Issue: Raised awareness for missing persons in

Ireland, created funds for continued searches, and

created change in Ireland so that the suffering and plight

is not forgotten.

Innovative Response: Petitioned the Taoiseach for

National Day of Remembrance, and the President

to plant tree of remembrance. They also targeted airports, airlines and ferry companies to highlight their issue.


YSI projects 2012

The Study Buddies

Our Lady of Lourdes,

New Ross, Co. Wicklow.

Social Issue: Making our community a better place

helping teachers cope with the cuts in learning support.

Innovative Response: The team developed a TY module

which they first provided to their own school and

then to schools locally. They also worked with local

primary schools.


What does success look like?

100,000 young social innovators by 2015


How - Resources

1000 employees




2.2m customers



Go Do


More information on YSI

Like Vodafone Ireland Foundation

& Young Social Innovators pages

Follow @Vodafone Ireland Foundation

& @YSINow