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BUS466 Web-Enabled Business. Fourth and Fifth Lecture. Sources: please contact for list of sources. Agenda. What’s New In Technology Break Planning and Implementing Web 2.0 Break Case Study. Today’s Video. Apple. What’s New Technology. ITC Bans Importation of iPhones and Ipas.

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Bus466 web enabled business

BUS466 Web-Enabled Business

Fourth and Fifth Lecture

Sources: please contact for list of sources


  • What’s New In Technology

  • Break

  • Planning and Implementing Web 2.0

  • Break

  • Case Study

What s new technology
What’s New Technology

  • ITC Bans Importation of iPhones and Ipas

What s new technology1
What’s New Technology

  • Microsoft Launches Crowdfunding


What s new technology2
What’s New Technology

  • Apple Curved Battery Patent…

What’s Next?

What s new technology3
What’s New Technology

  • Google Glass Tracking Your Eyes

What s new technology4
What’s New Technology

  • Future of Google Glass Porn App

What s new technology5
What’s New Technology

  • Future of Virtual Reality

What s new technology6
What’s New Technology

  • Intel Creates $100 Mil fund for perceptual computing

What s new technology7
What’s New Technology

  • SmartVP videophone for deaf

What s new technology8
What’s New Technology

  • Impact of Twitter Outages

What s new technology9
What’s New Technology

  • 101 Kids kicked off flight

What s new technology10
What’s New Technology

  • NFC Mobile Payments disappoint

Web enabled business
Web Enabled Business

  • Planning and Strategizing

Why plan and strategize
Why Plan and Strategize?

  • Because a fool with a tool is still a fool.

  • The lack of business case will come back to haunt you

  • Poor Planning  Anti-pattern  Fail 2.0

What is anti pattern
What is Anti-Pattern?

  • Engineering: Design pattern that appears obvious but is ineffective or far from optimal in practice

    • Good Problem  Poor Solution

    • Bad Idea disguised as a good idea which backfires

  • Not having a plan and strategy with Web 2.0 will lead to an Anti-Pattern

Why web 2 0
Why Web 2.0?

  • “I want it because it’s cool”

  • “I want it because I have been told I need it”

    • By Consultants

    • By Friends

    • By The Boss

  • “I want it because everyone else is doing it”

    You need to have an objective


  • Build it and they will come… No longer Valid

    • If it works for them, it will work for us

  • Web 2.0 is about culture and attitude not entirely the technology

  • Required: Strong Management, User Adoption, and Balanced Incentives for all the users

Where to start
Where to Start?

  • Initial Analysis

    • Why adopt?

    • What are the benefits of your organization adopting a web 2.0 technology?

    • What are the costs associated with your organization adopting a web 2.0 technology?

What is the objective
What is the objective

  • Establish and document your organization's objective for adopting Web 2.0 Technology:

    • External

      • Customer Acquisition

      • Customer Engagement

      • Enhance Customer Service

      • Brand Reinforcement and Awareness

      • Reputation Monitoring and Management

    • Internal

      • Employee engagement and collaboration

Customer acquisition
Customer Acquisition

  • What is the cost of acquiring a customer in the non-online world?

    • Consider: cost of advertising, cold calls and face to face interactions

  • What is the cost of acquiring a customer in an online world?

    • Relatively cheaper…

    • Almost zero(Marginal Cost) in a well designed business system

Customer acquisition1
Customer Acquisition

  • Visitor  Lead  Customer  Repeat Customer  Referrals

  • Key Questions:

    • How to get new visitors

      • Travel: Priceline $7

      • Telecom: Sprint $315

      • Retail: Barnes and noble $10

      • TD Waterhouse $175

    • How to convert visitors to customers

    • How to get repeat customers

How to get a new visitor seo
How to get a new visitor? SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization

    • ‘The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results.’ Wikipedia

      • Higher the rank on Google  More Visits  Higher Chances of generating Revenue

How to convert a visitor to a customer
How to convert a visitor to a customer?

  • Provide Value

    • Have the right product/service at the right time for the right visitor

  • Don’t Assume

    • Provide easy access to all information, call to action buttons and products

  • Ask for feedback and review

How to convert a visitor to a customer1
How to convert a visitor to a customer?

  • Offer Value… Products, Services, Etc…

  • Strategic placement of assets

    • Where and when to collect customer information

    • Where and when to collect payment information

How to get repeat customers
How to get repeat customers?

  • Know the visitor/customer well

    • Collect information

    • Provide the right product/service to the customer

  • Keep it personal

  • Stay Connected

  • Provide value for staying loyal

  • Starbucks

Customer service and engagement
Customer Service and Engagement

  • How can web 2.0 allow for a better customer experience?

    • Enhanced planning and problem solving

    • Provide more choices that are more suitable to the customer’s needs (targeted choices)

Brand reinforcement and awareness
Brand Reinforcement and Awareness

  • Web 2.0 now enables you to

    • Integrate direct marketing

    • Integrate brand marketing

    • Achieve real time dialog with customers

    • Achieve joint creations of content, products and services

Reputation monitoring and management
Reputation Monitoring and Management

  • Take Inventory of brand standing

  • Stay Alert

    • Google Alert

    • Yahoo Alert

  • Create New Assets

    • Link to them

  • Remove Negative Assets

Employee engagement and collaboration
Employee engagement and collaboration

  • Have management on board

  • Get employees to share knowledge through different communication mediums

  • Provide all the tools and applications

    • Yammer

    • Wikis

    • Blogs

    • Etc…

  • Offer Proper Training