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Non-operative Protege Elite Skin Tightening

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Non-operative Protege Elite Skin Tightening - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Protege Elite Skin Tightening is a new technology has also been a lot of awards. It apply lifting on the area with the strong skin. The implemantation called satin face lift doesn’t have neccesity for anesthesia, it is painless. Light redness after the procedure passes within minutes and people light facelift satin continues applied to daily life from where it left off.\n

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Non-operative Protege Elite Skin Tightening

What is Protege Elite Skin Tightening?

Protege Elite Skin Tightening is a new technology has also been a lot of awards. It apply lifting on the

area with the strong skin. The implemantation called satin face lift doesn’t have neccesity for

anesthesia, it is painless. Light redness after the procedure passes within minutes and people light

facelift satin continues applied to daily life from where it left off.

How Protege Elite Skin Tightening works?

At the satin face lift that focused radiofrequency energy, form controlled heat by reaching deep skin

layers from the surface of the skin generates a special header. With heat that generated by focused

radiofrequency energy, the triple helical structure of collagen fibrils dissolve, natural healing

fibroblasts alert is triggered and act to produce a new, healthy, high quality collagen. Also this thermal

reaction cause the contraction of collagen fibrils in the tissue, and thus causing tissue tightening.

Is Protege Elite Skin Tightening depandable?

The biggest concern is the formation of the damage caused in the aesthetic practic. Protege Elite

(satin face lift) device is composed active safety elements which provide a complete temperature

control even when they are sent to maximum energy. Wrinkle reduction has confirmed By FDA (Food

and Drug Administration). However, the first and only implemantation approval in the world that

correct wrinkles around the eyes and eyelids. Protege Elite (satin face lift) gives notice to its tissue

healing and regeneration therefore doesn’t carry the risk of allergies because the foreign substance is

injected or contact.



Acne is a skin disease of pilosebaceous unit. The problem sometimes can be experienced in

adolescence or may be systemic problems accompanied by excessive lubrication or hormonal

abnormalities due to unmet improper care products such as .Sometimes they can be taken into the

statement of infectious agents. If acne is unhealed may be dark stains on healing areas or

experienced severe acne can leave scars after deep treatment resistant. Acne scars can shake the

confidence of some people therefore may adversely affect social life.

There are treatment alternatives for acne. Acne scar may develop after and the success varies from

person to person. Acne can be either black or white or can appear in the form nodules, cysts.

Although the most common settlement is face, back chest, arms can also be covered. Acne is a

situation we encounter more often during adolescence but it is a problem actually can effect their

skin for all age groups and both sexes. Many mechanisms are responsible for the formation of acne.

Open pores can be closed with the dead skin cells. Sometimes can be added a type of bacteria called

the propionibacterium acnes in this accumulation in the pores. Sometimes this reaction can be down

deep in that case there may be mentioned cyst and nodule formation. If there are formations raised

or under the skin level or painful bulge on your face or skin, I recommend that you to consult a

dermatologist. During the examination should be determine whether the acne lesion or not. If it is a

acne need to plan the grading of the acne condition and appropriate treatment. However, for the

mechanisms involved in the formation of acne, dermocosmetic counseling to get through a detailed

question and I suggest you do your skin-cleansing and care your skin with suitable products. The

treatment plan is made in accordance with a detailed questioning of suspected cases of acne after

diagnosis. This treatment sometimes can be planned that include the use of topical drugs and

sometimes can be just as oral medications. Sometimes we dermatologist can benefit from chemical

peels that can be applied in office conditions, the mesotherapy or laser (light) treatment.


Fibrocell-Root Cell Treatment

As we get older the collagen in the skin, the number of elastin and fibroblasts are reduced.

Fibroblasts are adult stem cells of skin. Reduction of the amount and productivity of fibroblasts in

skin may cause reduced productivity and thinning in support tissues. Hence water holding capacity

of skin moisture decreases, begins to dry. Balance of producing color pigments in the skin are

destroyed. Therefore, resistance is reduced to skin damage, and symptoms of aging begin to

manifest themselves on the skin. The sagging and wrinkles in the skin turn into stable is also a result

of all of this process.

Developing technology with over time, it opened the door to renewal our own stem cell with our

own tissue. Through this technology, is able to produce the millions of healthy young stem cells from

3-4 mm piece of skin that taken from an area that is less exposure to sunlight, such as the back ear.

What is Fibrocell ?

Fibrocell is acellular treatment autologous fibroblasts.

What is the advantages of Fibrocell ?

The stem cells to be produced is completely obtained from their tissue and serum so that it is

minimal risk of allergies. The produced stem cells are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Created well-

being of stem cells in tissue obtained by Fibrocell has been observed in clinical trials continued for

4.5 years.

Fibrocell is used in which situation ?

Can be used to slow the aging process of the skin, in the revision of the non-healing tissue, the

situation such as acne or burns.


Aging Skin Care

Our skin is a part of our body which we can follow while we get older. Our skin starts to get older since

the moment we born, but at this moment our skin continues to evolve till the age 20, but after age 20

it starts to get older. Our skin always gets older, but we start to get in a hurry when we notice the

creases. Today working is done to slow down pr resist the process. To be in the right implementation

in this process is only possible with know better changes and acting factors in the skin. Genetic and

environmental factors affects the skin aging. Changing the effects of genetic factors on aging process

is not possible for now.

Studies have shown that racial differences affect the aging process. In aging effective environmental

factors are sun rays, irregular and improper diet, smoking, alcohol use and life away from exercise,

stress can be ordered. With effect of this environmental factors can be accelerate or slowed down the

onset of the genetic aging process. Photodamage are the main environmental factors. Photoaging is

an exaggerated form of temporal signs of aging as a result of excessive exposure to UV. Because of

photoaging can be seen skin thickening, coarsening, loss of elasticity, pale yellowish discoloration,

deep and numerous wrinkles, staining, an increase in the appearance of capillaries. In aging process,

1% loss of the collagen protein that forming the basic structure of skin observed in any age .

Decreased collagen synthesis, wound healing speed and disorganization decreases. While in the

young skin blood flow is faster, skin temperature is higher in the aged reduction of skin blood flow and

skin temperature is remarkable. Aged skin has also been dried, thinned and it is less flexible.

Increased losses in elastic fibers, the amount of collagen is reduced. Measures can be taken to stop

the aging process of the skin with a more youthful appearance should be against the cause that

triggered the process. Application serving to enhance skin quality applications for the temporary

stopping time should be combined. Continuous combined treatment, choosing the right topical

treatment in other word the accuracy of the home treatment, proper nutrition, regular exercise and

to stay away from bad habits may be able to prolong the skin aging process.