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CFO Executive Feedback Report

CFO Executive Feedback Report. Overview. Online Survey Statistics General Executive Feedback President Feedback VP Education Feedback VP External Feedback VP Finance Feedback VP Operations Feedback Closing Remarks. Online Survey Statistics . Only 21 respondents 

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CFO Executive Feedback Report

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  1. CFO ExecutiveFeedback Report

  2. Overview • Online Survey Statistics • General Executive Feedback • President Feedback • VP Education Feedback • VP External Feedback • VP Finance Feedback • VP Operations Feedback • Closing Remarks

  3. Online Survey Statistics • Only 21 respondents  • 3 are current directors • 5 have never been to an event • 8 say they know the execs pretty well • 7 have taken of advantage of 5+ events/services • 1B Mechanical had the most respondents

  4. General Executive Feedback • Good job reaching out through social media • Good job promoting engineering awareness/outreach • Good job helping first-years get jobs • Very welcoming to first-years • Great events

  5. General Executive Feedback • Lack of communication • EngSoc reps don’t really tell people what the execs are doing • Not everyone is on the mailing list • Find a way to better enforce a message instead of just blasting out e-mails • Need a better variety of events/initiatives • Need more visibility in E5 • Need for more propaganda to get everyone involved • Make council meetings shorter • More presence at events, please • Be in the Orifice more

  6. President Feedback • People don’t really know what your responsibilities are

  7. President Feedback • You give off a positive image of EngSoc • Very productive, efficient, and a hard worker • Good at stopping circular discussion • Good at being approachable • Good job at executive reports • You do a lot that people don’t see • Presence in POETS was noted • Hands-on person – awesome

  8. President Feedback • Class visits were a good idea, but what happened? • Not all classes visited • People were pretty upset about this • Don’t sign things as coming from “A-Soc Exec” when you haven’t gotten approval from all of the exec • Be in the Orifice more • No feedback about the societies agreement

  9. VP Education Feedback • People aren’t really sure what your responsibilities are

  10. VP Education Feedback • Friendly • Enthusiastic • Good at showing up to EngSoc events • Great organization of the recent BOAT racing events

  11. VP Education Feedback • Make “course critiques more effective and organizing some way undergrads can get shitty profs fired, and then publicizing this information. This is the single best thing he can be doing.“ • Need to communicate more • Keep the society regularly informed of the meetings you’ve attended and what you have been working on • What happened with class reps? • Take the time and effort into responses you send out • More inter-course… • …Relations

  12. VP External Feedback • People seem to know what your responsibilities have been/are • “external relations and representing EngSoc in a professional manner to other organizations!” • NEM • Canstruction • Rube Goldberg Machine

  13. VP External Feedback • Creative • Energetic • Great at getting the word out there (great communication) • SO MUCH COMMUNICATION • Good at promoting inter-university events • Enjoy being purpled

  14. VP External Feedback • People don’t know what you look like • Increase advertising of outreach events

  15. VP Finance Feedback • People know what your responsibilities are • Funding • Sponsorships • Novelties • etc.

  16. VP Finance Feedback • Very organized • Great communication • Committed • Good advertising and processing of the allocation of EngSoc funds • People love the committees, patches, and the FIRE!!!!sales • Sponsorship change was good • You’ve surprised a lot of people • Always down for a good time ;)

  17. VP Finance Feedback • Talk less during meetings • Interrupt less during meetings • Be a little more professional • “It’s not a fire sale when it happens multiple times in a term.” • “THAT BEING SAID the sales really got Novelties items out in the open.” • Don’t force directors to choose dates to run Novelties so far in advance

  18. VP Operations Feedback • People know you worked on PMCRC • Helped organize other events

  19. VP Operations Feedback • Events are awesome – good job • Friendly • Dedicated • Informative • Always positive! • Very approachable • Always gives a helping hand • Good work with PMCRC • Commissioners and directors are impressed

  20. VP Operations Feedback • Be less emotional during meetings • Work on more long-term projects/administrative aspects of the society

  21. Closing Remarks • Strengths & weaknesses all different • Try to be around the Orifice more when you can • Better communication needed (outside of the mailing list and meetings) • Let more people know what you actually do • Make more of an effort to visit classes • Still need some improvement

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