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bond. Hair Manifests Life Quality. New product !!!. Tangled shampoo. Product or Service:. First, let me to introduce our new product—tangled shampoo. Our shampoo have very magic. When you use it, you can make your hair very strong, like in movie, Rapunzel can use her hair to climb.

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Hair Manifests Life Quality


New product !!!

Tangled shampoo


Product or Service:

First, let me to introduce our new product—tangled shampoo. Our shampoo have very magic. When you use it, you can make your hair very strong, like in movie, Rapunzel can use her hair to climb.

Secondly, our produce can make your hair feel clearly, don’t have any dandruff in your head.

Third, our product can make your hair very soft, smooth and good smelling.


Consumer profile

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • geographic


Age: shampoo is all people need use. The primary target market for our service will be children. Therefore, our target age demographic will be the pre-customers(0-9). The reason we are focusing on this age demographic, is that many children like carton and they will let them parents buy it for them and therefore there is a big demand in these age demographic. Our secondary target age demographic is the allowance customers(10-15) This demographic is made up of people who are still studying.

Gender: Both boy and girl. Therefore, the gender demographic is not very important for our consumer profile.


Family Life Cycle: Because our primary target age demographic is pre-customers market, most likely the children are grown and possibly moved out of the house.

Income Level: Our service will be cheap, so our target market not have a high income. Our service is targeting people who still depend their parents, so they don't have to spend their own money.

Ethnicity and Culture: Our target market will be Chinese people or foreigner. Our promotion needs to be bi-lingual and the advertisements should show how our shampoo is make their hair better.



Like children they are almost very like carton, when they see this new product and have a beautiful carton picture, they will can not continue to work, and tell their parents, this is them favourite shampoo. Finally they are parents must pay for it for their children.



Shampoo is everybody must be use things, and whatever in any where, in countryside, people need to use, in city, also need use shampoo. So our company will sell in countryside and city.


Marketing Mix

Product mix

Promotion mix

Pricing mix

Place mix


Product mix

Our product design a new brand is about tangled..

The Packing is use the tangled’ s picture

Before we push out our new product we will make some research, I will check which part is most important for our new product.

The product development is very simple, just doing in factor is ok.


Promotion mix

Promotion is very important for our product, I will design many poster, put them in supermarket and to print in bus outside. Also I can make some Coupon to customs. Even I will make some advertisement on TV.


Pricing mix

First, our product have three different kind of level. But all these three level are not very expensive, like 25 yuan each. Because hour target market is pre-customers(0-9), they can not earning money by themselves, they just can dependent on their parents, if the our product very expensive, they will it not necessary for children. Also our target market income is not very high.


Place mix

First, our product is shampoo, and I get reason from search that is people will usually buy shampoo in market, so we decide put our product in supermarket, store and Watson etc. at the same time , I will put our product in very conspicuous place, like when you finish shopping and to Checkout, I will put them in there, when people to wait to checkout, they will see our product, they will see them, maybe final they buy one to try it.


Based on all 5 demographic areas, our primary target market will be men and women who are still dependent their parents. They will not have high income. The most important demographic for our teach computer is age. The second most important demographic is ethnicity and culture. Our secondary target market will be the allowance customers(10-15) and the marketing plan for our primary market will be appropriate for our secondary market. If our secondary market were the allowance market, we should have to change our marketing paln greatly.