bumsa talent solutions operates with the highest n.
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Bumsa Talent Solutions | Staff Outsourcing Company PowerPoint Presentation
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Bumsa Talent Solutions | Staff Outsourcing Company

Bumsa Talent Solutions | Staff Outsourcing Company

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Bumsa Talent Solutions | Staff Outsourcing Company

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  1. Bumsa Talent Solutions operates with the highest level of ethics & standards and constant training ensures that best practices are continuously adhered to.

  2. About us Bumsa Talent Solutions was founded by highly-experienced Canadian Recruiting Industry leaders to provide cost effective talent solutions for the Canadian marketplace. Our leadership team has won various awards such as Canada’s Profit 100, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year multi-year nominations, and numerous ACSESS awards for Community Service. We have utilized recruiting outsourcing services ourselves and felt that there is drastic room for improvement. We took our prior experience to develop an industry leading outsourcing company. Margins are slimming to haunt the Canadian recruiting industry and legislative changes are adding further pressure.


  4. WHY BUMSA Cost-Effective Efficiency Focus Level the playing field Mitigate Risk Flexibility Scalability Available Talent Expand your firepower 24/7/365

  5. Cost-Effective Provides significant savings and will have a direct positive impact on the bottom line. Leverage your capital where it’s best spent. A penny saved is a penny earned. Focus Free up internal resources and focus on your core competencies and processes. Spend more time on tasks in your business that make you money and delegate time-consuming mundane tasks.

  6. Expand your firepower Gain access to resources that are not available internally. Mitigate Risk Hiring and Firing in today’s business environment is a risky and costly undertaking. 24/7/365 Resources are available to work around the clock. Work while your competition rests.

  7. Flexibility Spend time hiring, training, recruiting talent for short-term projects. Overcome the burden of seasonal workflow. Scalability Expanded office space and infrastructure is not required to quickly scale your team. Available Talent It’s no secret that there is a shortage of top-talent. Take advantage of an readily available and educated workforce.

  8. Efficiency Deliver large-scale efficiencies while improving service and processes. Level the playing field Compete with larger, established business that have internal access to all of the talent resources.

  9. - 391 Keele Street, Toronto, ON, M6P 2K9 - -