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Send text messages

Send text messages

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Send text messages

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  1. Technology You Can Trust Send Text SMS

  2. About Bulk text Bulk text is a tier one SMS platform with direct connections into all of the networks. Cheap international routes are a thing of the past, so beware of services offering prices of 4 cent per credit or less.Our mission critical, high speed SMS gateway will get your messages delivered at up to 400,000 SMS per hour. Repliable, two way communication with SMS text Opt Ins via our own Irish short code 51044 and a low cost website optimized for mobiles at less than €9.00 per month will ensure that your internet marketing presence has a jump start at a fraction of the cost of using a web design agency.

  3. SMS text messaging for more profitability SMS text messaging will also benefit you if you are running short of time. Planning and executing an advertisement or promotion through SMS is quick and easy. It requires less time than normal traditional advertising. The most important benefit of this form of marketing is that you can send your business messages in bulk. It is also one of the most cost-effective modes of marketing due to the affordability. You can choose bulk text messaging packages to send hundreds and thousands of messages at one go at a relatively low cost.

  4. Send a Text Message Send a text Message using Send SMS Text from PC to cell phone or mobile device. Register now for Mass Text and SMS Text. You can send a text message to any phone number through your email account, as long as you know the other person's carrier.

  5. Contact Information Web address : Tel:+353 21 731 9734 E-mail: