emergence of ai in software testing to ensure n.
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How AI in Software Testing Services Ensures Security PowerPoint Presentation
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How AI in Software Testing Services Ensures Security

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How AI in Software Testing Services Ensures Security - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BugRaptors has domain expertise team for website and mobile security testing services. We are proficient in working with various test models like Sequential & Agile. We formulate a robust approach and personalized test plans to ensure all prerequisites are met according to the application as expected. Know more...

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emergence of ai in software testing to ensure






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Success Of Any Product In The Market

Success Of Any Product In The Market Highly Depends


Software Testing

Highly Depends On The


On The

With the advancement in technology, now the organizations don’t only

rely on manual testing, but they completely switched to the automation

mode of testing. Now, more and more organizations have started

using artificial intelligence (AI) in software testing process.

For what reason do we Need AI in Software Testing?

“AI is an apt path forward. Since, 80% of testing is only a replication of the

checks the software already possess, AI is better equipped to automate it and

bring it on with effectiveness rather than a human tester which unnecessarily

bloats effort and cost”

Software testing takes up the most measure of time, capital, and human resource.

Hence, it is ideal to leave the repetitive work to the AI-controlled automation which

leaves just 20% of the testing operations to human creative and innovative ability. It

ensure good outcomes because hand-crafted testing requires broad human hours as

well as inclined to mistakes and irregularities.

How To Utilize AI Wisely

Artificial Intelligence algorithms can be immensely useful in the testing in

making more intelligent and more productive software for the end-client.

“Smart algorithm can encourage this procedure and enable testers to

locate the greatest number of bugs. The outcomes afterward can be used

by the developers to refine the product and learn from experimentation.”



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Is It Right Decision To Integrate AI In Software


Yes, It Is.

It will benefit in different ways. This will not only save the considerable

amount of time and labor, but also ensures security by predicts, prevents and

automates the whole procedure of testing using self-learning algorithms.



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How AI Ensures Security

A proactive and dynamic response to digital identity security is nowcritical.

“Simon Dukes, chief executive of Cifas, says: “We have seen identity

fraud attempts increase year-on-year, now reaching epidemic levels,

with identities being stolen at a rate of almost 500 a day.”

AIs can identify a change in behavior and highlight an anomaly, but is this behavior

a threat?

AI and machine-learning are far from autonomous and still require high levels of

supervision. They can clearly search vast quantities of data to respond to a specific

question or task, such as authenticating the identity of a shopper.

AI is nothing new in cyber security. In fact, we’ve been using machine learning

techniques since 2005 for things like sample analysis and categorization, URL

reputation and categorization, and client-side detection logic.

[Recommended Read: Security Threats and Tools That Will Secure the Future]

AI helps us in quickly identifying and analyzing new exploits and weaknesses to help

mitigate further attacks and is an integral part of our solutions.

AI techniques are keys to breach detection and make it possible to react even to

previously unknown threats. In many cases, people have been too slow to stop cyber-

attacks in time. AI systems that are designed to learn and adapt, and are capable of

recognizing even the smallest of changes in the environments, have the potential to

act much quicker – and based on much more data – than humans when it comes to

catching also new types of cyber-attacks.



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Ultimately, AI has the capacity to streamline a lot of tasks and one of those is security

testing services. It is imperative to discover a harmony between the part of a machine

and human. Surely relying on any of these two will hamper the productivity as well as

performance. This is an ideal method in which both machine and people exist

simultaneously and deliver greater outcomes.





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