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Help a Zoo Keeper for a Day PowerPoint Presentation
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Help a Zoo Keeper for a Day

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Help a Zoo Keeper for a Day - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Help a Zoo Keeper for a Day. First Task: Advertize New Animals. INTRODUCTION.

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help a zoo keeper for a day

Help a Zoo Keeper for a Day

FirstTask: Advertize New Animals

  • Hi! As a zoo keeper, there are numerous amount of fun and different responsibilities. Today is no exception! I am excited to announce that there are three new animals coming to your local zoo and the zoo keeper wants your help! I would like you to research and create a flyer for one particular new animal. Therefore everyone will be able to know about the wonderful news!
process before you begin
  • First, I would like three groups to form so that every group has a equal amount of members.
  • Next each group will receive a animal. It will either be a Meerkat, Madagascar Ground Boa, or Cotton Top Tamarin. Each group will become an expert on their animal.
process research
  • Each member of the group will be responsible to perform research on one aspect of the animal.
  • The different aspects that should be researched include: Characteristics of what the animal looks like, eating habits, habitat, recreation, interesting facts, etc.
  • Helpful sites that should be used for resources are included on the Resource pages.
  • While researching the following chart should be filled in.
process create
  • Now that we know quite a bit of information about this particular animal, it is time to create a flyer to advertize the new arrival.
  • The flyer will be created on Microsoft Word.
  • The flyer should include information that answers all the questions on the Research Chart with a picture of the animal.
  • Otherwise, the flyer can include anything else that you would like.
  • There is no one right way the flyer should look like, so let your imagination run!
resoures meerkat
resoures ground boa
resources cotton top tamarin
  • I want to thank you for helping out the busy zoo keeper with creating eye-catching flyers for there three new zoo members.
  • I will evaluate your final copy of the flyer on a couple of things.
  • Most important is the new information you learned about the animals.
  • The evaluation rubric includes everything your grade will be determined from.
  • I hope that everyone enjoyed be such a great helper for the zoo keeper.
  • The flyers will not only get the word out that there is new members at the zoo but also some fun facts about each animal.
  • If you want to continue helping, you could do one of the two things for some extra credit.
    • Make a flyer for a current local zoo member of your interest.
    • Make a flyer for a animal that you want to become a member at your local zoo.
  • Click below to view an example of what your flyer may possibly look like.
    • Zoo Flyer.docx
teachers page
  • This activity is geared for the 3-5 grade level with possible alterations for different student’s capabilities. One alteration is providing the exact information or limiting the websites to one for those that are just beginning research strategies. Also, for advance researchers, allowing them to find another useful website could be done. The final product, new zoo animal flyer, could also be more specific or broad depending on the children’s capabilities.