Southern regional lead poisoning coalition
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protecting South Jersey families from the dangers of lead poisoning. Southern Regional Lead Poisoning Coalition. Funded by: NJ Department of Health and Senior Services/Division of Family Health Lead agency: Southern NJ Perinatal Cooperative. The Coalition’s Charge.

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Southern regional lead poisoning coalition

protecting South Jersey families from the dangers of lead poisoning

Southern RegionalLead Poisoning Coalition

Funded by:NJ Department of Health and Senior Services/Division of Family Health

Lead agency:Southern NJ Perinatal Cooperative

The coalition s charge
The Coalition’s Charge poisoning

Established in January 2003 to help local communities create and sustain local capacity to address and eliminate lead poisoning through culturally sensitive outreach and education.

The coalition s goal
The Coalition’s Goal poisoning

Eliminate childhood lead poisoning by 2010

(Healthy NJ 2010)

Health risk for children
Health Risk for Children poisoning

Evensmallamounts of lead can lead to permanentdamage to the brain and nervous system

In high exposures, lead can cause seizures, coma and even death.

What is lead
What is Lead? poisoning

  • A highly toxic, heavy metal element

  • No living thing needs it

  • Found in many environments and products

  • Poses significant health and social risks

Lead damage lasts lifetime
Lead Damage Lasts Lifetime poisoning

  • Behavioral and emotional problems

    • Hyperactivity, ADD, poor attention span

    • Discipline problems, school absenteeism, delinquency

    • Anger, aggression, depression

  • Brain Damage

    • Lower IQ, lower reading, vocabulary, and math scores

    • Speech and language difficulties

Lead damage lasts lifetime1
Lead Damage Lasts Lifetime poisoning

  • Delayed or slowed development

    • Decreased muscle and bone growth

    • Clumsiness / slow reflexes

  • Health Issues

    • Anemia, kidney damage, joint pains

Lead effects in pregnancy
Lead Effects in Pregnancy poisoning

  • Lead crosses the placenta

  • Lead stored in bones may be released into blood (and carried through blood to fetus)

  • Prematurity

  • Low Birth Weight

  • Miscarriage or Stillbirth

Southern regional lead poisoning coalition

Lead poisoned children are poisoning6 times more likely to have learning disabilities

Jessica Wolpaw Reyes (2007) “Environmental Policy as Social Policy? The Impact of Childhood Lead Exposure on Crime,” The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Vol. 7: Iss. 1 (Contributions), Article 51.

Southern regional lead poisoning coalition

Lead poisoned children are poisoning7 times more likely to drop out of high school

Southern regional lead poisoning coalition

Lead poisoned children are robbed of nearly poisoning$200,000 in lifetime earnings because of lost IQ

When lead poisoned children suffer we all suffer
When poisoninglead poisoned children suffer WE ALL SUFFER

Social impact of lead poisoning
Social Impact of Lead Poisoning poisoning

  • Higher taxes

  • Cost of special education

  • Higher medical insurance

  • Welfare / social service program costs

  • Criminal justice system

  • Quality of life for society

Lead paint dust greatest risk
Lead-Paint Dust: poisoningGreatest Risk

  • Lead paint dust is most common source of lead poisoning in children

  • Lead paint not banned in US until 1978.

  • Dust is produced as paint deteriorates or is damaged (renovation).

  • Lead paint dust is invisible

How lead gets into children
How Lead Gets Into Children poisoning

  • Ingestion

    • Hand to mouth activity

    • Paint dust, paint chips, contaminated soil, drinking water, food

  • Breathing

    • Renovations

    • Children may inhale fumes if paint is heated

  • During pregnancy

Symptoms of lead poisoning
Symptoms of Lead Poisoning poisoning

  • Symptoms are rare and common to other childhood ailments:

    • Stomach aches or cramps

    • Headaches

    • Joint and muscle pain

    • Fatigue

    • Sleep disorders

  • Most lead-poisoned kids show NO symptoms until the damage is already done

Screening testing crucial
Screening / Testing Crucial poisoning

  • Screening is only way to determine if child has been lead poisoned

    • All parents should know child’s Blood Lead Level (BLL)

    • Testing required at 1 and 2 years. Recommended whenever risk exposure occurs.

  • Testing residences for lead paint dust is important preventive measure to identify risk level and protect children

    • NJ provides free lead dust testing kits

Magnitude of the problem
Magnitude of the Problem poisoning

  • Lead based paint not banned until 1978.

  • There are nearly 1 million housing units in New Jersey built before 1950 – representing 30% of NJ’s housing stock.

  • EACH county in New Jersey has more than 9,000 housing units built before 1950.

  • Screening rates to identify children at risk average below 30%.

Southern regional lead poisoning coalition

Screening Rate poisoningNEW JERSEY

Total # Children 222,837







Southern regional lead poisoning coalition

Screening Rate poisoningSOUTH JERSEY

Screening rate cumberland county cities
Screening Rate poisoningCUMBERLAND COUNTY CITIES

Southern regional lead poisoning coalition

Elevated BLL +10 poisoningSOUTH JERSEY

Southern regional lead poisoning coalition


Number children unscreened cumberland county cities
Number Children Unscreened poisoningCUMBERLAND COUNTY CITIES

Success requires everyone
Success Requires Everyone poisoning

  • Parents

  • Housing Industry

    • Real Estate

    • Builders/Contractors

    • Landlords /Tenants / Property Owners

  • Government

    • Public Health

    • Educational System

    • Judicial System

Coalition priorities
Coalition Priorities poisoning

  • Primary Prevention

    • Increase the number of housing units that are lead-free or lead-safe;

    • Decrease children’s exposures and access to non-paint lead sources;

    • Increase adoption of individual and family lead poisoning prevention behaviors

  • Secondary Prevention

    • Increase the percentage of 2 year old children in NJ that have had at least 1 blood-lead level (BLL) test

Coalition governance
Coalition Governance poisoning

  • Full Coalition

    • Meets 3 times year

  • Coalition divided into 3 cluster groups:

    • Atlantic and Cape May counties

    • Gloucester, Cumberland and Salem counties

    • Camden and Burlington counties

  • Each cluster group to meet 3 times

  • Organizational Support from SNJPC

Call to action
Call to Action poisoning

  • Commit to the Coalition

  • Recruit other members

  • Educate your community and neighbors

  • Spread the 3 point message

    • Test your home

    • Test your child

    • Use safe cleaning/renovation practices

Southern regional lead poisoning coalition

The path is clear. poisoning

TOGETHER, we can protect our children’s future