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The Green Mile: The Two Dead Girls Stephen King Avery Younis PowerPoint Presentation
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The Green Mile: The Two Dead Girls Stephen King Avery Younis

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The Green Mile: The Two Dead Girls Stephen King Avery Younis

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The Green Mile: The Two Dead Girls Stephen King Avery Younis

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  1. Climax: The mouse, at that time he was known as Steamboat Willy, ventured onto the Green Mile three nights later only to be chased into the restraint-room by Percy. Brutal and Paul later find out where the mouse lived in the room. The Green Mile: The Two Dead Girls Stephen King Avery Younis The mouse ventures onto the Green Mile for the first time, and Brutal, Paul, and Dean watch it full of curiosity. Resolution:Later that year Brutal shows Paul a place in the ceiling of the restraint room that smells of peppermint and has little pieces of colored spool in it. It is where Mr. Jingles was living and both Brutal and Paul agree to never take part in another execution. Their last one they took part in was John Coffey’s. Paul talks with Warden Moores, who says that Paul needs to have the “talk” with Coffey and that William Wharton is coming to E-Block. Paul does some more investigating on John Coffey. He finds the story of John Coffey’s murdering in the newspaper. Rising Action John Coffey comes to Cold Mountain penitentiary after he murdered two young girls (the Detterick twins). Paul talks to him to get more information about who John Coffey is. Exposition: The main character/narrator, Paul Edgecombe, is describing the electric chair, also known as “Old Sparky”, and the imprisoned peoples reactions to it.

  2. The Green Mile: The Mouse On The Mile Stephen King Avery Younis Climax: William Wharton comes to E-Block drugged, or so they think. At the right moment Wharton comes to life and starts strangling Dean. Paul pulls out his gun. Rising Action Cliff Hanger: William is choking Dean and Paul has just pulled out his gun but is worried that if he shoots he might shoot Dean. William dares him to shoot… The Chief is visited by some of his family before he walks down the mile. They have a smooth execution and Delacroix comes to the mile, where Percy beats him for something that was an accident. Delacroix says he tamed Mr. Jingles and keeps him as a pet. Percy is suddenly nice, because he was granted permission to “look like he was the one carrying out Del’s execution.” Del gets a cigar box from Old Toot-Toot to keep Mr. Jingles in. He teaches Mr. Jingles a trick with an empty spool and Harry brought Del some crayons to make the spool colorful. He and Mr. Jingles also eat peppermints that were given to Del by his aunt. Paul talked with The Chief about his happy memories because The Chief was going to be executed in a matter of days. The mouse came on the mile three days after Percy had chased it away. Bill and Dean were there this time and fed the mouse and were once again fascinated by its almost human characteristics. Percy throws his baton at it but just barely misses and doesn’t kill the mouse. Old Toot-Toot is on the mile with his snack cart when Mr. Jingles shows up. Mr. Jingles won’t take food from Toot-Toot but will take food from the usual people on the mile. They rehearse the execution of The Chief with Toot-Toot. Exposition: Paul is older now and is at a nursing home in Georgia Pines. He is talking about a man there who is a lot like Percy, and he starts talking about his days when The Chief and The Pres were around. The mouse came back onto the mile even though Bill and Dean thought he wouldn’t come back. Although, they realized that the mouse only came back on the days Percy was off.

  3. The Green Mile: Coffey’s Hands Stephen King Avery Younis Climax: Paul has a talk with Del about the execution. Del said that Paul has to find Mr. Jingles a home. Paul starts naming people and ideas but Del keeps denying, saying that they are just not good enough. Thankfully Brutal shows up and makes up this whole story about a place in Florida for circus mice, but only the smartest mice. Del loves it and says that that is where Mr. Jingles will go. Percy shows up and is very angry. Rising Action Resolution: Brutal has just made Del really happy, when Mr. Jingles scampers out of the cell after the spool and Percy squashes Mr. Jingles with his baton. Del screams and horror. Wild Bill Wharton goes to the restraint room. After he gets out, he threatens the guards and they spray him with a fire hose. They put him in a straight jacket and take him back to the restraint room. When he was allowed back to his cell he had taken a moon pie and melted it in his mouth then sprayed it all over Brutal. Paul is still curious about Coffey and goes to see the man who wrote the story about Coffey. Paul, Brutal, Percy, and Toot-Toot rehearse Del’s execution after Brutal escorts Del to a group of men that want to watch Mr. Jingles’ spool trick. Percy gets too close to Wharton’s cell and Wharton grabs him and holds him by his throat against the cell. Percy freaks out and when Wharton lets go of him, he wets his pants. Percy was too cowardly to hit Wharton and instead Brutal comes in at just the right moment and knocks Wharton out with a baton. Exposition: Paul is explaining Georgia Pines in a more descriptive way when he goes back to the cliff hanger of the last book. John Coffey says he needs to talk with Pau,l and Paul risks going into Coffey’s cell without any other workers on the mile. Coffey helps Paul.

  4. Characters: • Paul Edgecombe- The “Boss” or the man in charge of the workers on the E-Block. He narrates the story, and is an over all nice, but strong guy. He is married to a woman named Janice. He is in charge of all the executions on E-Block. • Percy Wetmore- A short, “pick a fight” kind of guy who has what the workers on E-Block like to call “connections”. No one likes him because although he acts tough and threatens the prisoners on E-Block, he is actually a coward that is really full of himself. The rest of the workers don’t threaten the prisoners, because they know in the end that every one of the prisoners will have to walk the green mile to “Old Sparky” so they don’t approve of his attitude. • Dean Stanton- A worker on E-Block. He is strong and works along side Harry, Brutal, and Paul. • Harry Terwilliger- One of Paul’s best workers who is always confident and strong. • Brutus “Brutal” Howell- A funny good hearted man who is the strongest of all the E-Block workers and is Paul’s friend. • Bill Dodge- Another worker on E-Block who witnesses Mr. Jingles shortly after Percy chased him the first time. • Old Toot-Toot- An older man who has no teeth and drives a snack cart around E-Block. He also is the person that pretends to be the prisoner in the execution rehearsals. • John Coffey- He is six foot eight and about three hundred pounds. He is in jail for rape-murdering two young girls. He acts like a sleepwalker most of the time, like he is never really “there”. • Eduard Delacroix- A little bald French man who has a Cajun accent and keeps Mr. Jingles as a pet. He was imprisoned after he rape-murdered a young girl and set her on fire to cover up the evidence, only to kill two more children with the fire. • Mr. Jingles- A mouse who first ventured onto the green mile one night. The E-Block workers were fascinated by how smart and almost human like the mouse was. Mr. Jingles became Del’s pet and Del taught Mr. Jingles to do tricks. • Arlen Bitterbuck “The Chief”- A prisoner on E-Block. He was the first elder of his tribe on the Washita Reservation and a member of the Cherokee Council. • Arthur Flanders “The Pres”- A prisoner on E-Block. • William “Wild Bill” Wharton- A young and cunning prisoner on E-Block that gives everyone a lot of trouble. • Setting: Cold Mountain penitentiary, 1932 • Conflict: • Book 1: Character vs. Character- Paul vs. Coffey A new man comes onto E-block, his name is John Coffey. He is mysterious and no one knows much about him except that he murdered two girls. • Book 2: Character vs. Character- Paul vs. The Chief, Percy, Del, and Wharton. Paul deals with executions and new comers on E-Block. • Book 3: Character vs. Self and Character vs. Character Paul struggles with his curiosity of John Coffey and the crazy acts of Wharton.