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PBS Leadership Team Working Smarter

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PBS Leadership Team Working Smarter. Problem/Challenge.

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problem challenge

Whenever a new initiative is introduced to a school, district/region, or state, the general approach is to “form a team/committee” to develop a plan for implementation. Although this initiative might be a worthwhile, implementation efforts often struggle because of a number of challenges:

  • Few resources, staff, time, etc.
  • Duplication of effort with other initiatives and efforts
  • Lack of clarity regarding purpose and outcomes
  • Lack of priority
  • Etc.
addressing the challenge
Addressing the Challenge

To address these problems challenges, schools must examine the overall organization and operation of its existing teams and committees. This self-assessment has been designed to enable school staff and educational leaders to take an inventory of its current committee and working group organization, and make enhancements that would improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance with which the business and operation of the school are conducted.

getting started on school wide activity 1
Getting Started on School-wideActivity 1
  • Identify and list current programs in place
  • Use the three tiered logic to organize programs
activity 1
Activity 1
  • Identify all programs /initiatives/common practices
  • Use the three tiered prevention framework to organize these practices

Triangle Activity:

Applying the Three-Tiered Logic to Your School

Tier 3

Tier 2

Tier 1

next prepare for working smarter not harder
Next, Prepare for Working Smarter (Not Harder)
  • Allows schools to identify the multiple committees within their school
  • Helps in identifying purposes, outcomes, target groups, and staff
  • Assists schools in addressing, evaluating, and restructuring committees and initiatives to address school improvement plan
  • Important for schools to identify that school-wide PBS is integrated into existing committees and initiatives
first steps to working smarter
First Steps to Working Smarter
  • School Mission Statement
  • Examine the mission statement for school-wide goals such as safety, citizenship, and success
  • Other School-wide Programs
  • Use the Working Smarter activity form to determine common goals across multiple school program initiatives, particularly programs addressing:
    • Discipline, behavior, safety, climate, social skills, violence prevention, social, communications, etc.
spooner elementary s mission statement
Spooner Elementary’sMission Statement
  • Spooner Elementary Schoolwill provide all students with a quality education to help them reach their potential. All students will have an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to continue their education and be life-long learners contributing positively to the community.
part 2 use worksheet to organize your list of programs initiatives
Part 2 Use Worksheet to Organize Your List of Programs/Initiatives
  • Identify current procedures and policies in place
  • Realign committees to more effectively address behavioral concerns


Based on your results, what committees can you: (a) eliminate? (b) combine? (c) provide more support?(d) how can we infuse PBS into our committees?Determine your next step