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My Dream of Jini. Fabio Kon Jalal Al-Muhtadi Roy Campbell M. Dennis Mickunas [email protected] Department of Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Java, Jini, and Active Spaces. Active Spaces project at U. of Illinois

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My dream of jini

My Dream of Jini

Fabio Kon Jalal Al-Muhtadi

Roy Campbell M. Dennis Mickunas

[email protected]

Department of Computer Science

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Java jini and active spaces
Java, Jini, andActive Spaces

  • Active Spaces project at U. of Illinois

    • 6 professors, ~25 grads, 3-5 years

    • Based on

      • 2K Network-Centric OS (middleware level)

      • CORBA

      • Java and C++

  • Instantiating Jini patterns using CORBA

  • Bridges to link our system to real Jini

  • Byproduct: analyze strenghts and limitations of Jini

Security and privacy
Security and Privacy

  • Jini and other Jini-like technologies are going to enter our lives and homes.

  • Concerns

    • Protecting from home viruses

    • Denial of Service attacks

    • Privacy

  • Supermarket scenario:

    • want to get info about products using palmtops

    • don’t want the supermarket to track us

Java is a good start
Java is a Good Start

  • We can protect ourselves using:

    • bytecode verification

    • type safety

    • sandboxes

    • code signing

  • But we also need

    • authentication of users and services

    • access control

    • communication integrity and privacy

    • delegation

Jini and tinysesame prototype
Jini and TinySESAMEPrototype

  • SESAME (an European security standard)

  • Jalal Al-Muhtadi (U. of Illinois)

  • Tiny SESAME: dynamically configurable, component-based subset of SESAME

    • Authentication through different methods

    • Different strengths of encryption

    • Supports Role-Based Access Control

    • Limited-time certificates

Secure smart home
Secure Smart Home

  • Software simulation of a Smart Home

  • Uses Jini plug-and-play facilities

  • Uses Tiny SESAME for

    • mutual authentication

    • encryption

    • role-based access control

Scaling up
Scaling Up

  • How to support multiple hierarchical domains?

  • How to integrate small Jini domains into wide-area distributed systems?

  • Federation of Lookup Servers

  • Current research at U. of Illinois:

    • Federation of CORBA Name Servers and Traders

    • MIT’s “intentional naming system”

Scaling down

Wearable wrist watches

16-bit CPU, 4 MHz, 2 MB flash memory

Scaling Down

  • Difficult to run JVM in small devices like PalmPilots.

  • It’s not just a matter of saying “memory and CPU is getting cheaper”.

Light bulb / paperclip

8-bit CPU, 1 MHz, 8 KB RAM?

Scaling down possible solutions
Scaling Down -Possible Solutions

1. Proxies

  • Run native code objects in the small devices.

  • Use sockets to talk to Java proxies on the local network.

    2. CORBA  Jini bridges

  • Run small CORBA ORBs in the small devices.

  • Use bridges to integrate the CORBA clients with the Java/Jini world.

Java related problems
Java-related Problems

  • Dynamic loading is great. But dynamic unloading is also important:

    • replacing class implementations on the fly

    • maintaining minimal memory footprint

  • Hiding platform-specific details is good.

  • But, access to system resource information is important for adaptable applications.


  • Jini is great but a few desirable features are still missing.

  • Shall we extend the Jini pattern language with patterns related to Security, Proxies, Bridges, and Federations?

How to contact us
How to contact us



2K Web site: