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Changes In Life Style Prevent You From Colorectal Cancer!

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Changes In Life Style Prevent You From Colorectal Cancer! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Changes In Life Style Prevent You From Colorectal Cancer!.

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Colon cancer is one among the foremost often diagnosed cancers within the U.S., with calculable 103,170 new cases according every year. However, with life style modification and preventative endoscopy screenings, you'll truly do plenty to scale back your risk of ever developing carcinoma. Colon cancer treatment possesses a really high success rate if it's caught within the early stages. This makes colon cancer prevention very necessary, and is why an endoscopy each year is necessary. Colon cancer prevention can be done by following some changes:


Diet seems to be related to colorectal cancer risk. Among populations that consume a diet high in fat, protein, calories, alcohol, and meat and low in calcium and folate, colorectal cancer is a lot of possible to develop than among populations that consume a low-fat, high-fiber diet. A diet low in calciferolmay increase the danger of large intestine cancer. A diet high in saturated fat combined with a inactive life style might increase the danger of large intestine cancer. There’s conjointly proof that smoking cigarettes is also related to an inflated risk of colorectal cancer. And by avoiding the use of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs can reduce the occurrence of colorectal cancer.

A type of medical examination in which an instrument called an endoscope which is passed into an area of the body, the endoscope usually has a fiber optic camera, which allows a greatly magnified image projected on a video screen, which will be viewed by the operator. Many endoscopes also allow the operator to retrieve a small sample which is commonly called as biopsy, of the area which has being examined, in order to more closely view the tissue under a microscope.



Upper endoscopy which enables the doctor to examine inside the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum and before the procedure where the patients are sedated with intravenous medications and then a very thin, flexible, light tube endoscope will be inserted into the mouth and then It will be advanced into the upper intestinal tract, after imaging the inside organs, then the doctor carefully examines the organs. This scope also blows air into the stomach, which will expand the tissue folds, and thus by expanding the doctor can examine very easily. Before commencing the procedure the patient ought to maintain an empty abdomen and there should be somebody to help the patient. Then with the assistance of medical instrument the doctor may also diagnose if there are any abnormalities, like inflammation or hemorrhage, wherever such abnormalities don't seem to be clearly visible within the x-rays.

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Prevent Colon Cancer By Changing Your Life Style


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