2003 itm1 midwest user group meeting march 28 2003
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2003 iTM1 Midwest User Group Meeting March 28, 2003. Chris Ilacqua Dir Product Management . Agenda. Corporate Overview & Strategy The Company The BI & BPM Markets Our Products and Solutions Architecture Demonstrations Invitation to Boss May 2003 Summary.

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2003 itm1 midwest user group meeting march 28 2003 l.jpg

2003 iTM1 Midwest User Group MeetingMarch 28, 2003

Chris Ilacqua

Dir Product Management

Agenda l.jpg

  • Corporate Overview & Strategy

    • The Company

    • The BI & BPM Markets

    • Our Products and Solutions

    • Architecture

    • Demonstrations

    • Invitation to Boss May 2003

  • Summary

Company overview nasdaq aplx l.jpg
Company Overview – (NASDAQ:APLX)

  • 2002 Revenue of $36M(70% Analytics)

  • Founded in 1983

  • 140 Employees

  • Strong financial position

  • Over 1,600 customers

  • Over 200 New Customers in 2002

  • Customers are passionate about TM1

  • Global reach

  • Worldwide partnerships

Applix Office

Applix Distributor

Examples of over 200 analytics deals in 2002 l.jpg
Examples of Over 200 Analytics Deals in 2002

  • Air France

  • Fuji Photo Film

  • Fujitsu

  • CBS Television City

  • Visa International

  • World Bank

  • People’s Bank

  • Mercedes Benz Accessories

  • Nautica

  • Nippon Chemical Industrial

  • Phillips Electronics

  • U.S. Department of Defense

  • Walt Disney International

  • Zurich Financial Services

Generated 30% year-over-year increase in analytics revenue

Evolution of business intelligence bi to corporate performance management bpm l.jpg

Reactive - Historical Orientation, “What Happened”

Time Delayed – Analysis happens after the fact using aggregated and detailed data.

Back Room – Small number of power users.

Stand alone & Disparate – little integration with operational systems or among various systems or among various BPM systems.

Proactive – Predictive future orientation including planning and modeling in addition to reactive.

Real Time – analysis and alerts of detailed data while event is occurring in addition to time delayed.

Analysis Everywhere – analysis is extended to a much wider user base.

In-line, Unified – Analysis systems closely coupled with operational systems and each other so that each informs the other.

Evolution of Business Intelligence (BI) to Corporate Performance Management (BPM)



Applix bpm definition l.jpg

Corporate Performance Management (BPM) is the continuous management and monitoring of Financial, Operational, Customer and Organizational performance across the enterprise

BPM solutions have the following capabilities to facilitate the proactive steering of business direction

Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators

Continuous and real-time review and refinement

Interactive decision making

Deployment across all levels of the enterprise

Applix BPM definition

Product portfolio l.jpg
Product Portfolio

  • Platforms

    • TM1 - OLAP Engine

    • Integra – BPM Development Environment

  • Applications:

    • Applix Interactive Planning – Planning, budgeting & forecasting

    • Applix Service Analytics – Analytics for CRM service data

Note: Applix Confidential Information subject Nondisclosure agreement

Applix product strengths l.jpg
Applix Product Strengths

  • Performance

    • Fastest load times

    • Fastest recalcs

  • Best multi-user write-back

  • What-if capabilities

  • Best Excel add-in

  • Ease of deployment

  • Sophisticated modeling

  • Fully integrated, enterprise-wide workflow & collaboration

  • Multiple languages, currencies, global support

Applix tm1 differentiators per independent olap survey l.jpg
Applix TM1 DifferentiatorsPer Independent “OLAP Survey”*

  • Fastest rollout time: 82% of sites implemented within 6 months

  • Best performance:12x faster than Essbase, 8x over Oracle

  • Most loyal customers: 75% of our customers will buy more

  • #1 in ease of use: A reason 67% of our customers bought iTM1

  • Quickest proof of concept:A reason 50% of our customers bought iTM1

  • Quickest data load/builds:12x faster than Essbase and Microstrategy

  • * Per The OLAP Survey, an independent survey authored by renowned OLAP expert Nigel Pendse, which documents 644 OLAP users’ responses worldwide.

Product releases l.jpg
Product Releases

  • Recent Releases

  • Applix Integra 1.0/TM1 8.0 July, 2002

  • Applix Interactive Planning October, 2002

  • Applix Service Analytics December, 2002

  • Applix Integra 1.2/TM1 8.1 January, 2003

Note: Applix Confidential Information subject Nondisclosure agreement

A short history of tm 1 l.jpg
A Short History of TM/1

  • First Release – 1984

  • Hypersparsity - 1987

  • Client / Server – 1989

  • Cube Rules – 1992

  • Stargate Optimization - 1996

  • Object Orientated Interface / Multithreading - 1998

  • Turbo Integrator (ETL) / In-Spreadsheet Browser - 2000

  • Server 8.0 / Integra - 2002

Tm1 new features in version 8 l.jpg
TM1 New Features in Version 8

  • Server Administration

  • Dynamic Subset & Views

  • Engine Overhaul

  • New Dimension Editor

  • Rules Tracer

  • Deferred Updates

  • Drill Through

  • ETL Improvements

  • Security Revamp

  • 64 bit

  • Miscellaneous

Integra object based bpm development environment l.jpg
Integra: Object-based BPM Development Environment

  • Structured development environment

  • Built on TM1 views (ease of maintenance…can change view structure in iTM1 Architect without rebuilding web form)

  • Reusable objects across across multiple applications and dashboards (build once use many times)

  • Higher level objects that allow users to assemble business data models. (Rapid development)

Integra xml support l.jpg
Integra XML Support

  • Object definitions saved as XML

  • Can use 3rd party version control

  • Can generate/process XML (wireless, voice, text messaging)

Applix interactive planning l.jpg
Applix Interactive Planning

  • Capabilities: Planning and budgeting application that enables any Global 2000 company company to plan, analyze, and adapt their strategic goals and objectives

  • Benefits: Improved predictability and heightened business performance management.

  • Features: Unifies financial targets and plans with real-time collaboration, business workflow management, enterprise-wide deployment, including dynamic reporting and analysis, business process management and data entry, and the flexibility to reflect a company’s unique business processes

  • Layered on the Applix Integra platform

Applix interactive planning based on tm1 integra l.jpg
Applix Interactive Planning(based on TM1 & Integra)

  • A solution for enterprise-wide, continuous planning

    • Real-time, collaborative planning

      • Top-down target setting

      • Allocations

      • Forecasting

      • Bottom-up planning

    • Business workflow management

      • Notification and alerts

      • Process automation

      • View into the process

    • User-driven configuration

Slide20 l.jpg

Call Center Operational KPIs

Number New and Closed Calls

Calls Per Rep

Average Time to Call Closure

Closed on first Call

Call Movement

Group to Group

Rep to Rep…

Profitability KPIs

Average Cost per Call

Customer Profitability

Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance

Rate of Maintenance Contract Renewals

Reduced Call Volume

Find and fix source of calls

Increased Efficiency

Focus on profitable customers

Headcount reduction

Better call routing

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Customer retention

Maintenance renewals

Service Analytics Benefits


Return on Investment

Applix service analytics based on tm1 integra l.jpg
Applix Service Analytics(based on TM1 & Integra)

  • Open Call Analysis

  • Closed Call Analysis

  • Call Movement Tracking

  • Service Contracts Monitor

  • Service Contracts Actuals

  • Top 10 Active Accounts

  • Rep Productivity Review

  • Call Volume Trends

  • Call Spot Rate

Applix service analytics l.jpg

Predictive modeling adjusts call-center headcount based on trends and what-if analysis

Applix Service Analytics

Applix architecture l.jpg

Applix Architecture trends and what-if analysis

Development objectives maximize value avoid the hype l.jpg
Development Objectives trends and what-if analysisMaximize value – Avoid the hype

  • Provide low cost of entry and immediate ROI

  • Provide support for ad hoc queries, reports

  • Provide support for ad hoc modeling and analysis

  • Support growth to enterprise scale

  • Support industry standards

  • Provide COTS applications

Overall architecture l.jpg

COTS trends and what-if analysis




Network Enabled

Native Windows Clients






Business Process Automation Engine

3rd Party



MOLAP Engine

Overall Architecture

Tm1 molap architecture l.jpg

Architect trends and what-if analysis

Meta Data Editor



Turbo Integrator

Programmatic Model Loading


Memory Based Computation Engine

TM1 MOLAP Architecture

  • Patented memory based technology

  • Optimized for fast loading

  • Optimized for ad hoc queries

  • Easily handles high dimensionality and sparse data

  • Efficient multi-user write-back

  • Scales from laptop to data-center

  • Supports synchronization and replication

Integra process automation engine architecture l.jpg

TomCat trends and what-if analysis







Web Portal

Integration Engine

Application Programming












Integra Process Automation Engine Architecture

  • Simple procedural workflow

  • Tight integration to Oracle and SQL server

  • Time, calendar and event based alerting

  • Work group enabled

  • Portal enabled

  • Integration API’s

  • Extensible and adaptable by IT personnel via Developers studio

Demonstrations l.jpg

Demonstrations trends and what-if analysis

Summary l.jpg
Summary trends and what-if analysis

Pure play analytical software company

Strong financials

Loyal & growing customer base

TM1 offers unique BI capabilities

Targeting BPM market through applications

Boss 2003 l.jpg
Boss 2003 trends and what-if analysis

  • Applix’s Annual North America User Conference

  • May 13 – 15, 2003

  • Westin Hotel, Providence, Rhode Island