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UNB = f(IT)ness. Get f(IT) Keep f(IT) UNB = Fluency with Information Technology UNB graduates are f(IT) for life. Point your Web browser at http://www.unb.ca/fitness/demo to join the UNB f(IT)ness program today or e-mail us at [email protected] UNB=F(IT)ness. Infrastructure

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UNB = f(IT)ness

Get f(IT)

Keep f(IT)

UNB = Fluency with Information Technology

UNB graduates are f(IT) for life.

Point your Web browser at http://www.unb.ca/fitness/demo to join the

UNB f(IT)ness program today or e-mail us at [email protected]

Unb f it ness

  • Infrastructure

    • Hardware, Software, LAN, Internet, People

    • Smart Classrooms

  • IT Skills

    • Communication , Creation

    • Research and Discovery

    • Management, IT Fundamentals

    • Life skills

  • Application and Demonstration of Skills

    • Arts, Science, Business, Administration

    • Nursing, Education, Law, Kinesiology

    • Engineering, Forestry, Computer Science

    • Graduate Studies, Renaissance College

Unb f it



IT Skills

Unb f it ness1

  • FITness

    • Module Content

    • Web page development and maintenance

    • Course delivery

    • Faculty participation to make sure students utilize skills

  • Customers

    • UNB Students: Get FIT for life after university

    • High Schools: Get FIT for life at UNB

    • UNB Employees, Alumni, Public: Get FIT, Stay FIT

  • Partners

    • CSpace, TeleEd NB, Faculty of Education

    • Brandon University; Brock University

    • Brunnet

Work place

UNB students












High schools

University Life

Unb f it ness2

3 Types of Modules

  • Generic

    • What is the Internet?

  • UNB Specific

    • Where are the labs? How to claim?

  • Product Specific

    • Presentations with PowerPoint.

Unb fitness curriculum
UNB FITness Curriculum


  • Connect to and use UNB services.

  • Use directories to find people.

  • Send, read email messages.

  • Take part in virtual discussions.

  • Use your email to send files to others.

Unb fitness curriculum1
UNB FITness Curriculum

  II.Research & discovery

  • Use a browser to effectively search for information on the web.

  • Learn to use the library’s information sources.

  • Choose the best research tools.

  • Evaluate information.

Unb fitness curriculum2
UNB FITness Curriculum

  III.Product creation skills

  • Use word processing software to create and edit documents.

  • Conceptualize and build a web site.

  • Use software to make presentations.

  • Create spreadsheets to store and manipulate data.

  • Use database software

  • Use software to represent data in graphs and charts.

  • Use software to work with basic statistics.

  • Use graphics software to create or manipulate images.

Unb fitness curriculum3
UNB FITness Curriculum

IV. Information use & management skills

  • Understand the basic computer operating system (Windows XX)

  • Move information between documents, programs.

  • Store and organize information.

  • Protect personal information and your computer and files.

  • Understand rights and responsibilities in the online environment.

Unb fitness curriculum4
UNB FITness Curriculum

V. Information Technology Concepts

  • Computer hardware.

  • Computer software.

  • Databases and Information systems.

  • Networks.

  • The Internet.

  • Digital representation of information.

  • Limitations of information technology.

  • How to get connected to the Internet.

Unb fitness curriculum5
UNB FITness Curriculum

Keep FIT 

  • Current issues.

  • New Technology Trends.

    Other “life” skills 

  • Resume writing.

  • Interview skills.

    Employee Skills

  • Integrating FITness into classroom teaching

  • Using Datatel.

Project phases
Project Phases

  • Initiation

    • Executive Approval

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Development

  • Implementation

  • Operation

  • Maintenance

  • Audit


  • Where Are We Now?

  • 100 + students in pilot

  • Monitoring daily activities

  • Teaching and Learning Centres

  • Identifying faculty needs

  • Developing partnerships

  • Seeking funding

  • Lessons Learned So Far

  • Need for clear online “orientation” materials

  • Combination of commercial content & homegrown

    causes confusion for learners

  • The Challenges

  • Moving ahead despite the unknowns

  • Convince faculty that there is value in integrating IT

    skills into teaching & learning

  • Resolving issues

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