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Call of the Wild Canada

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Call of the Wild Canada
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Call of the Wild Canada

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  1. English 10 January 12th Kara Gaspari Call of the Wild Canada By Will Hicks

  2. Churchill Churchill is the top spot in the world for polar bear and beluga whale sightings, and it is also one of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

  3. Dinosaur Provincial Park is filled with at least 35 species of dinosaurs that used to live there millions of years ago, and has amazing land formations and structures. Dinosaur Provincial Park Dinosaur Provincial Park was designated a United Nations World Heritage Site.

  4. Millennium Stone This 9 foot 20 ton monument represents the most amazing things accomplished in the 20th century. It was unveiled on September 26th,1999 and took 10 years to make. It was placed at the entrance to Summit Restoration Ltd./ Old World Stone on Heritage Road in Burlington, and was originally 30 tons. It is shaped in a mushroom cloud shape to symbolize the splitting of the atom.

  5. Culture 1. Canada is bilingual, mostly English but also French. 2. Great Britain and France dominated Canada. 3. Eastern Canada especially Quebec is mostly French. 4. Canada is often symbolized by hockey, beavers, and the dress uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 5. Hockey is Canada's national sport. 6. Farming is very important to the Canadian economy. 7.Canada belongs to NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) along with The United States of America and Mexico. 8. Canada has received a large number of immigrants from China, Japan, England, Italy, and parts of Africa. 9. The beaver represents being humble, non-predatory, and diligent. 10. The population of Canada as of 1996 is 29,672,000.

  6. Interesting Facts 1. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. 2. The national icon of Canada is the beaver. 3. The motto of Canada is "From sea to sea". 4. The tree of Canada is the sugar maple. 5. Hockey and lacrosse are Canada's national sports. 6. John Cabot was the first explorer to get to Canada in 1497. 7. Canadians eat more macaroni and cheese than anywhere else on earth. 8. Canada's groundhog is an albino groundhog from Wiarton, Ontario named Wiarton Willie. 9. There haven't been any mail deliveries on Saturday in Canada for 35 years. 10. The oldest person in Canada lived up to 117 years old.

  7. What text connections can be made from your book? Include text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections Text to self: John Thornton loved Buck very much, this reminded me of my dog that I love. Text to text: When Buck taken away, he left his home and went on an adventure as a sled dog, it made me think of The Sea Wolf where a man was found in the ocean by a seal hunting boat and then lived on the boat for a while. Text to world: Buck was stolen away by Manuel, and was dog napped. This sadly happens in the real world too and is very sad.

  8. What are the themes of your book? Explain how these themes were presented within the book by giving background information from your story. Loyalty: Buck was always loyal to whoever owned him. When Buck and the rest of the group were attacked by wild dogs he fended them off to keep everyone safe. Pride: When Buck first entered the group, Spitz tried to push him around like he did the rest of the dogs. Buck stood up for himself which made Spitz very mad. When Spitz tried to kill Buck, he was able to fight him off and kill Spitz. Love: Buck was saved by John Thornton when he was about to be beaten to death by one of his previous owners, and Buck saved John from drowning in a river. They loved each other very much and would have done anything for each other.

  9. How have your views changed after reading this book? Call of the Wild showed me how truly dangerous Canada was. One time Buck and the group was attacked by wild dogs, John Thornton was killed by a tribe of Yeehat Indians, and the sled fell through the ice. I thought Canada was a snowy place where a lot of people played hockey, but Buck went through many dangerous encounters.

  10. What cultural differences are there between you and the main character in the book? The cultural differences between Buck and I, is that for Buck nature is a much bigger part of Canadian’s lives than American. A larger percent of Canadian’s farm and hunt and do other things with wildlife.

  11. Although the main character and you are from different cultures, what similarities exist between you and the main character in this book? Buck and other English Canadian’s are very similar to me and other Americans. We speak the same language, both originally come from England, and both enjoy the same activities like fishing, hunting, sports, and more. America and English Canada have few differences.

  12. What is the main conflict in this book? Is it external or internal? In what ways does the culture presented in this book affect the conflict or problem? The main conflict in this book are the various people and animals who try to hurt Buck and his friends, it is an external problem. The culture in this book is a big part of the problem, for example the Indians that attacked Buck’s owner John Thornton.

  13. What Fascinates you about the culture(s) presented in this book? What fascinates me about the cultures about this book, is that there isn’t just one. The first culture is the English who are similar to Americans. The second culture is the French who are like people in France. The last culture is the Indians, the natives of Canada who aren’t as technologically advanced and live in tribes and villages.

  14. If you were the main character in this book, how would you have handled the conflict or problem? Buck handled his problems very well, he didn’t go looking for trouble and he protected his loved ones with his life. I would have tried my best to handle mine in the exact way because Buck was a very brave, and loving dog.

  15. Write an alternative ending to your book. This time Buck is present when the Yeehat Indians come to attack and fights them off, saving John Thornton's life once again and the lives of his other dogs. Buck still goes to live with the wolves, but he always visits John and the other dogs from time to time.

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