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Vinyl Repairs Melbourne PowerPoint Presentation
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Vinyl Repairs Melbourne

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Vinyl Repairs Melbourne - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BTM floorworx are specialist in carpet and vinyl repair and laying. Call 1300 234 274 today for the local trusted carpet and vinyl repair and laying services.

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Vinyl Repairs Melbourne

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    1. Pros & Cons of Vinyl Flooring In Melbourne Vinyl flooring is the least expensive flooring on that is on the market. This flooring is available in two different forms, which are sheets and tiles. It also comes in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs. Vinyl flooring tiles are easy to install especially if they come with the self- adhesive backing. If you choose the vinyl sheets you will need a professional to help install the flooring. Vinyl Flooring Pros Vinyl floors make a softer surface than other hard flooring materials, like wood or tiles. During the installation process, there is a thin layer of felt or foam that is laid down on top of the vinyl. This layer is what allows the floor to be more flexible than other flooring options. With plenty of colors and designs, vinyl flooring will give you lots of options. Some of these designs can be made to look like wood planks or stone tiles. In some cases, the resemblance between the two is so good that it can be hard tell the difference between vinyl and actual wood or tile. Vinyl flooring is a durable and long-lasting flooring option, which means that it will wear down for years. Many manufacturers stand by their products with warranties of up to 20 years. Flooring that is well- maintained is able to last for over 25 years. Vinyl Flooring Cons Vinyl flooring is made out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which emits volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the air. Having VOC in the air lowers the air quality which makes this is one of the biggest problems with vinyl. There are some manufacturers that have started using a smaller amount of PVC which helps cut down on the amount of VOC that is emitted into the air. The installation process of vinyl is pretty simple, but the problem comes during the pre- installation phase. This is when the sub floor has to be prepared for the new flooring. Doing this means that all particles need to be removed otherwise the tiles will not look neat and uniform. This flooring option can withstand a lot of water damage. But one thing it cannot handle is sharp objects being dropped on the floor as this could rip the floor. You should also consider having pads put on all your furniture so that the furniture will not peel or cause damage to the flooring.