5 romantic venues for an easter weekend wedding n.
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5 Romantic Venues for an Easter Weekend Wedding PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Romantic Venues for an Easter Weekend Wedding

5 Romantic Venues for an Easter Weekend Wedding

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5 Romantic Venues for an Easter Weekend Wedding

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  1. 5 Romantic Venues for an Easter Weekend Wedding Planning a wedding can be one tough job. While the emotions are running high, you’ve got to keep yourself grounded to make sure you can arrange a flawless wedding that you and your beau can enjoy with your family, friends and loved ones. For starters, other than the rings and wedding dresses for the bride and groom, choosing a venue tops the planning list.

  2. 1. Golf Club • A country club or a golf club is a great choice for a wedding reception venue. Whether you choose to have an outdoor wedding or one in a banquet hall a golf club can offer both with exceptional catering services, event décor and beautiful picturesque background for wedding photography. The lush green lawns of a golf club give romantic feel to the overall event, as it is simply breathtaking to say your vows under the spring sky, green grass, blooming flowers and fresh cool wind.

  3. 2. Cruise • Talk about destination weddings; saying “I do” on a cruise, in the middle of the ocean waters is mesmerizing and romantic. The cruise also offers both outdoor spaces like the deck for a wedding ceremony, and indoor dining halls for the reception where the couple and their guests can dance away the night and enjoy an evening of fun, singing, drinking and laughter.

  4. 3. Cottage • If you’re looking for an intimate and romantic wedding, then a small cottage can work as the best wedding venue for you. Most cottages are located in farms, with dreamy courtyards, surrounded by nature, so it looks beautiful in pictures too! It can be absolutely romantic to say your nuptials under the open sky, around chirping birds and beautiful scenery.

  5. 4. Resort • A resort with sweeping mountain views can surely be the perfect wedding venue and can sizzle up some romance too! Gather all your near and dear ones, to celebrate your big day in this special place where you enjoy the hors d'oeuvres and some fine wine with your loved ones, dancing away and enjoying your big day.

  6. 5. Wedding Reception Halls • A wedding reception hall is one place that is traditional yet no less romantic. Most reception halls have an arrangement for a grand entrance for the bridal party. With ample space to accommodate a large party, most halls have seated arrangements, while you may also choose to have food stations or a buffet. With elegant centerpieces, table décor, and flower arrangements, drapes and tableware, the place can turn into a romantic evening and surely a special one for your big day.

  7. Whether you choose to celebrate your big day indoor or outdoor, it is best to ask questions about the venue, catering services, additional charges, tasting service, budget, guest arrangements, etc., until you’re happy and satisfied. A spring wedding on an Easter weekend can be tad bit pricey, but if you want to celebrate your big day on a special day, then go all out for it. For the best Banquet Halls in Bucks County PA, contact the Bensalem Township Country Club via the following contact methods. Telephone: ‪215-639-5556 Website: