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Towers. No matter how tall, they don’t ever move. . The Burj , Dubai (160 stories). Home Insurance, Chicago 1885 (12 stories). Springfield Hilton. Taipei 101, Taiwan. WFC, Shanghai. Petronas Towers, Malaysia. Willis Tower, USA. Fill the Earth. Genesis 1:28 Genesis 8:15-17

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No matter how tall, they don’t ever move..


The Burj, Dubai (160 stories)

Home Insurance, Chicago 1885 (12 stories)


Springfield Hilton

Taipei 101, Taiwan

WFC, Shanghai

Petronas Towers,


Willis Tower, USA

fill the earth
Fill the Earth
  • Genesis 1:28
  • Genesis 8:15-17
  • Genesis 9:1-3
  • Genesis 9:7
when we are united it is amazing what we can do
When we are united it is AMAZING what we can do!

Will it be for good or for evil?

genesis 11 1 4
Genesis 11:1-4

“Come let us build a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens, that we might make a name for OURSELVES.”

matthew 28 18 20
Matthew 28:18-20
  • GO…make disciples.
  • ALL nations!
                • Nearly 600 churches in over 140 nations around the globe.
                • 95,000 true disciples in our fellowship around the world.
genesis 11 5 10
Genesis 11:5-10

We must resist the urge to “build tall” in one place.

>it’s not about a

beautiful building.

>it’s not about the

size of membership.

>it’s not about the

quality of the show.

It always has been and always must be about obedience to God!

It is doubtful that God was worried about

a tower reaching heaven. He was more

likely concerned that people had poorly

applied the amazing ability he had given them. He said “scatter”, they said “how high?”

be humble and stay hungry
Be Humble and Stay Hungry

Total Approximation of True Disciples…

World Population

7 Billion and counting!

It is likely that less than .0001% of the world population is truly walking with God.

See Matthew 7:13-14

  • Our membership of 95,000
  • “Unknown” movements of real Christians ???
  • Independent Christian Churches?

Generous estimation…there are a few million true biblical disciples around the world.

let s scatter seeds
Let’s Scatter Seeds

Acts 2:1-12

Acts 8:1-4

God scatters them again, but this time with a common gospel message along with them.

  • God miraculously brings his people back to a common language.

> We must carry the power of our “one language”

as God intended (to spread not to build tall).

>True Christians are devoted to making disciples

of ALL nations.

>True disciples apply God’s word in ALL areas of

their lives, they don’t simply become “tall” in

one area.