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  1. Florida Come and enjoy the wonderful weather and beaches at the Sunshine State!!!

  2. Outstanding Features of Florida • There are many beaches in Florida that you can come to and enjoy!!! • There is great weather in Florida all the time and you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself no matter what time of day it is!!! • There are many different water parks to go to in Florida and enjoy!!!

  3. Beaches In Florida • There are 12 beaches on the east coast of Florida some of the are Cocoa beach, Daytona beach, and Playalinda beach • There are 9 beaches on Florida's west coast some of them are Honeymoon island, Lido Beach, and Madeira Beach. • There are 4 safe beaches that you can surf at that has hardly any rocks and where the sun is not shining right down on you.

  4. Great weather in Florida • In the morning in Florida the temperature is usually in the high 70’s . • In the afternoon in Florida the temperature is usually in the mid 80’s. • In the evening in Florida the temperature is usually in the mid 60’s.

  5. The fun water parks in Florida • There are over 20 water parks that you can go to and enjoy your self with your family there are also other theme parks that you can go to and enjoy!!! • Some of the names of water parks that you can go to and enjoy yourself at are adventure island, blizzard beach, and splash island.

  6. Conclusion • The reasons why I think that this is a good place that you can go to and visit is because there are so many things that you can do here and you can bring your family and you will never be bored.