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Education Reform in Alabama:

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Education Reform in Alabama: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Education Reform in Alabama:. Progress and Promise. Rotary Club of Birmingham June 9, 2010. Goal: Graduating more high school students prepared for college, work and citizenship. George Hall Elementary Mobile, Alabama. 530 students 100% African American 99% Low-Income.

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education reform in alabama
Education Reform in Alabama:

Progress and Promise

Rotary Club of Birmingham June 9, 2010

george hall elementary mobile alabama
George Hall Elementary Mobile, Alabama
  • 530 students
  • 100% African


  • 99% Low-Income

george hall students beat state averages
George Hall students beat state averages

Source: 2008-09 3rd grade ARMT scores

george hall on par with mountain brook
George Hall on par with Mountain Brook

Source: Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama

4th grade reading, 2009 ARMT

george hall tops white students statewide
George Hall tops white students statewide

Source: Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama

5th grade reading, 2009 ARMT

we must do what works
We must do what works

“We can, whenever and wherever we choose, successfully teach all children whose schooling is of interest to us. We already know more than we need to do that. Whether or not we do it must finally depend on how we feel about the fact that we haven’t so far.”

Ron Edmonds

setting high expectations
Setting high expectations
  • First Choice
  • Credit recovery and advancement
  • ACT for all
  • Career Forward
transforming culture
Transforming culture
  • Alabama School Readiness Alliance - pre-k advocacy
  • Yes We Can! Alabama
  • PARCA data tools
  • Alabama Select Commission on High School Graduation and Student Dropouts
focusing on results continuous improvement
Focusing on results & continuous improvement
  • Alabama Best Practices Center
    • Networks of superintendents, school leaders and schools
  • A+ College Ready
developing competent caring educators
Developing competent, caring educators
  • Alabama Reading Initiative
  • Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative
  • Governor’s Congress on School Leadership
  • Governor’s Commission on Quality Teaching
  • School-based rewards
  • Teach for America
alabama is making progress
Alabama is making progress

NAEP scores, 4th grade reading, 2003-2009

next steps educator effectiveness
Next steps: Educator effectiveness

Students who are taught by an effective teacher for three years in a row can more than double their achievement.

Source: Heather Jordan, Robert Mendro, and Dash Weerasinghe, The Effects of Teachers on Longitudinal Student Achievement, 1997

the nmsi training and incentive model

Reporting and accountability

$$ for incentives



Teacher training

Curricular support

High School(s)

Middle School(s)


AP Coordinators

AP Lead Teachers

AP Teachers

AP Students

Pre- AP Teachers

Pre-AP Students

$$ for incentives

Program management

The NMSI Training and Incentive Model

And others


Setting High Expectations

Student Performance In Advanced Mathematics


  • While in general the U.S. students lag behind students in other countries, AP Calculus students, regardless of exam grade, outscore students of all participating nations



Transforming School Culture

Program Elements of Success

  • LOA- Administrative support
  • Cultivate, support, and maintain a culture of high expectations for teachers and students that is inclusive
  • Actively recruit and prepare teachers to participate in Pre-AP and AP professional development and training
  • Actively recruit all students to be a part of the APTIP
  • Provide A+ with data, documentation, and program information in a timely and meaningful fashion

AP Enhanced Participation through Open Enrollment


Focusing on Results and Continuous Improvement

AP Exams Passedper 1000 Jrs & Srs Math, Science, and Englishin 10 Dallas ISD Schools, Texas, and U.S. 1995-2009


Source: The College Board, Texas Education Agency, U.S. Department of Education (2007 for U.S. enrollment is estimated)


Focusing on Results and Continuous Improvement

AP Exams Passed in 12 AL Program Schoolsper 1000 Jrs & Srs Math, Science, and Englishin 12 Alabama Program Schools compared to U.S. and Alabama 2008-2009






Focusing on Results and Continuous Improvement

AP Qualifying Scores in English, Math and Science increased by 83% in the 12 pilot program schools compared to 5.7% for the nation

83% increase!!

Source: College Board public school data only


Focusing on Results and Continuous Improvement

AP Qualifying Scores for minority students increased by 67% in the 12 pilot program schools compared to 13% for the nation

67% increase!!

Source: College Board public school data only


Developing Competent, Caring Teachers

And Setting High Expectations For Participation, for Enrollment, for Funding and Ultimately for Success

17 School Districts

43 Schools in Program

8900 MSE Enrollments

269 AP Teachers

931 Pre-AP Teachers

2993 Expected # of Qualifying Scores for 2010-2011