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New Students Welcome to YOUR VIP Team! VIP Integrates Research and Education PowerPoint Presentation
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New Students Welcome to YOUR VIP Team! VIP Integrates Research and Education

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New Students Welcome to YOUR VIP Team! VIP Integrates Research and Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Vertically-Integrated Projects (VIP) Program: Integrating Undergraduate Education and Graduate Research. Welcome to the VIP Program!. New Students Welcome to YOUR VIP Team! VIP Integrates Research and Education VIP Enables Innovation Returning Students

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The Vertically-Integrated Projects (VIP) Program:Integrating Undergraduate Education and Graduate Research


Welcome to the VIP Program!

  • New Students
    • Welcome to YOUR VIP Team!
    • VIP Integrates Research and Education
    • VIP Enables Innovation
  • Returning Students
    • Do not need to attend this lecture.
  • This is an Introduction to the VIP Program
what is vip a partnership
What is VIP? A Partnership



Research and


Undergraduate Students need Real Projects in which they Learn the Innovation Process

Large-Scale Research and Development Efforts Need Help at all Levels of Innovation

design discovery in an r d context
Design/Discovery in an R&D Context
  • You see the full range of your discipline(s)
  • Understand research process and issues
  • Dig deep into some topics
  • Learn about & work with other disciplines
  • Create things/processes/etc. that move the project forward
  • Join the university community!!
  • Have fun!!
The VIP Goal:

Foster Innovative Thinking & Entrepreneurial Behavior

by Involving Students in Challenging Projects.

Ensure Success by Providing the Necessary:


program architecture
Program Architecture
  • Long-term, large-scale R&D/Design projects:
    • Large teams: 10-20 undergraduates; 1-4 grad students
    • Long-term participation: each UG can register for credit for up to six semesters
    • Sophomores through seniors + grads on each team
    • New students replace those who graduate
  • Challenging, real projects:
    • Real research projects for real customers
  • The Innovation Continuum:
    • Research, develop, design, & deploy real solutions
How VIP Teams Work:
  • They function like design/research firms
  • Projects grow semester to semester, year to year, decade to decade, ….
  • Work collaboratively to develop skills and contribute to your team
  • Everyone must be self-motivated!
  • Faculty advisers do not give you all the answers – because they don’t have them!
as a team member
As a Team Member:
  • Responsibilities
    • Everyone does Technical Work
    • Everyone does Presentations and Writes
    • You are to be Active; not Passive
  • Roles and Time
    • Learning
    • Contributing
    • Coordinating and Leading
    • Communicating
vip grading the purpose
VIP Grading – The Purpose
  • Provide Feedback to You
    • How are you doing?
    • How can you do better?
  • Check on team progress
    • Is everyone working
    • Is the team on the right track
    • What needs to change to make faster progress
vip grading the process
VIP Grading – The Process:
  • Occurs at Middle and End of Each Semester
  • Design notebooks will be graded:
    • If it isn’t in your design notebook, you didn’t do it!
  • Advisors will discuss your progress with you.
  • Quizzes, presentations, reports, opinions, etc
  • Peer evaluations
peer evaluations
Peer Evaluations
  • You evaluate each member of your team
  • The process is confidential
  • Advisors see all team members evals of you
  • Determine grade/range and email to you with comments if see problems
  • Advisers meet with you if they see problems.
  • Meet with your adviser if you’re concerned.
team start ups transitions
Team Start-Ups/Transitions
  • New (and Returning) Members Have Met!
  • Progress Update from Returning Members
    • Returning Members: Prepare and Give presentation on progress from last semester. End-of-Semester presentations are perfect

for this.

  • New Teams + New Team Members
    • Learn about teams’ tasks and goals
  • Schedule Team Dinner for Week 2, 3, or 4
getting re started
Getting (Re)Started
  • Returning Members – Plan for Semester
    • Train New Members: Course Modules, Tools, Reading Assignments, Labs, etc.
    • Organize Projects; Plan this Semester’s Work
    • Make Progress!
  • New Members – Start Learning
    • Explore team’s t-square/wiki/etc sites
    • Question returning members about project
    • Get Involved!!
  • PHP/MySQL Course Module: Dr. Abler
    • Meets Fridays 3:05-4:25 in Klaus 1440
    • Useful for many teams: all eX teams, CW, VIA, ITS,…
    • Open to all VIP Students
    • SVN, PHP, MySQL – 3 Levels
  • VIP Subnet and Server
    • Designed/Administered by Dr. Abler
  • Two VIP Labs: VL-1440 Klaus 1440
benefits to you
Benefits to You
  • Takes design experience to a new level
  • New depth and breadth of knowledge
  • You Can participate in a large research effort
  • Improves the undergraduate curriculum
  • See how course knowledge can be applied
  • Learn to work in a team; Opportunity to lead
  • Be an active learner, not just a passive learner
  • Do something you can talk about in interviews
Thank You for Joining!


Further Information:

Contact: {ejc, randal.abler}