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USAS Roundtable . May 8, 2008. March 2008 USAS Release Highlights. March Release Highlights – Functional Enhancements. Fund 588 reinstated ACCLOAD and APPROP Load Changes: New accounts listed on projection report APPROP now loads description field For New Accounts Only

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usas roundtable

USAS Roundtable

May 8, 2008


March 2008


Release Highlights

march release highlights functional enhancements
March Release Highlights – Functional Enhancements
  • Fund 588 reinstated
  • ACCLOAD and APPROP Load Changes:
    • New accounts listed on projection report
    • APPROP now loads description field
      • For New Accounts Only
    • ACCLOAD now loads XREF code
      • Will Add or Update XREF codes as needed
march release highlights functional enhancements1
March Release Highlights – Functional Enhancements
  • USASWeb/Vendor query
    • Now searches both vendor name fields
      • When wildcard search done
      • 2nd name visible from query results via “hover”
  • VALACT – Added validation on fund type
    • Invalid fund type; or No fund type for 007
      • Warning if all $0 amounts
    • EMIS fund cat. also changed to warning if all $0
march release highlights problems corrected
March Release Highlights – Problems Corrected
  • 4502 – Updated prompts in option 13
    • Report titles not updated for fund type changes
  • AUTOPOST/FUTPO – Prompt not validated
    • “Automatically Post All Files for Current Period”
    • No error and nothing posted
  • FINDET – Fixed missing outstanding po item
march release highlights problems corrected1
March Release Highlights – Problems Corrected
  • FNDREVEX – Wrong Beginning Fund Balance
    • $202,020,202.02 (not initialized correctly)
  • USAEMS – Fixed Fund Category Validation
    • Was generating errors on accounts with no activity
    • No error needed - these accounts excluded
march release highlights problems corrected2
March Release Highlights – Problems Corrected
  • REQSCN/POSCN – Fixed vendor validation
    • Inactive vendors were warning only
    • Changed to error – posting not allowed
  • USASWeb/Invoices – Fixed invoice # validation
    • Same invoice # allowed twice for same po #
general enhancements
General Enhancements
  • Alphabetized “Quick Find” drop down box
  • Focus control
    • Validate to Post
    • No Double posting
general enhancements1
General Enhancements
  • New option on Menu
    • Configuration
  • Query
    • Indicate which fields work with wildcards
    • Amount results sortable
    • “Posted by” changed to “Posted by Username”
general enhancements2
General Enhancements
  • About page updated
  • Requisition signature line
  • Refund/Receipt
    • Total in header section
  • Vendor Query
    • Fewer search fields – not as long as screen



invoice enhancements
Invoice Enhancements
  • Fill/Clear/Cancel buttons- top and bottom of items
  • Account code displayed
  • PO field next to new
invoice enhancements1
Invoice Enhancements
  • Added QTY field when invoicing
  • Added new field in header
    • PO Remaining Encumbrance
  • Payment Due date reset
  • Replacement for OPTSCN
    • Requisition and Purchase Order options
  • Show your own preferences
    • modify and delete
    • Read-Only and Req-Only users will not have delete option/only have Requisition Options
  • Group Managers/System Managers
    • Add new users
    • Query users
    • Modify users
new preferences
New Preferences

* Read-only, Req-only, and Standard USAS access users will

not see this option

show preferences group manager system manager
Show PreferencesGroup Manager/System Manager

* Read-only, Req-Only, and Standard USAS access

users will only have the modify option

query preferences
Query Preferences

*Read-Only, Req-Only, and Standard USAS access users

will not see this option

purchase order requisition enhancements
Purchase Order/Requisition Enhancements
  • Implementation of split items
    • Two ways of splitting items
    • Splitting the Quantity
      • Price must be the same for each item
    • Splitting the Price
      • Quantity field must be 1
  • Refer to handout
option 1 cash reconciliation
Option 1 - Cash Reconciliation

Enter all Bank and ending balances

Enter any deposits in transit

Enter outstanding checks

Enter any adjusting entries

List investments

Bonds & notes



Other investments

List cash on hand

(ex: petty cash)

Output file = 4502CR.TXT


option 1 cash reconciliation1
Figures entered must balance with the Current Fund Balance as reported on the FINSUMM

Not in balance if the following is displayed when exiting option 1

Calculate option will not run if not in balance

Will state: “User must process Cash Reconciliation data before Calculating”

Option 1 - Cash Reconciliation

Total entered in option 1

Total on the account file


option 2 bonds
Option 2 - Bonds

Statement J / 4502BO.TXT

Enter amount due at the beginning of the fiscal year

Enter total redeemed

Suggested source = board minutes


option 3 short term notes
Option 3 – Short Term Notes

Statement K / 4502SN.TXT

Enter amount being paid by the district during the fiscal year being


Used for GAAP



option 4 long term notes
Option 4 – Long Term Notes

Statement L / 4502LN.TXT

Enter the amount

to be re-paid by the

district outside the

fiscal year being



option 5 debt service requirement
Option 5 – Debt Service Requirement

Statement M / 4502RM.TXT

Add all bonds, notes, and state loans together to enter one dollar amount per year

Fiscal year

(starting with next fiscal year)

Total principal

Total interest

Source documents

Statement M from the previous fiscal year

Board minutes for new issues


option 6 memorandum data
Option 6 – Memorandum Data

Statement N / 4502MD.TXT

Enter Tax Valuation Assessed/Tax Receipts/Other

Enter Tax Rates


option 6 memorandum data part 1
Option 6 – Memorandum DataPart 1
  • Real Property Assessed
    • As of 6/30 of year prior to reporting year
  • Personal Property Assessed
    • As of 6/30 of reporting year
  • Source Documents
    • Tax Duplicate Rate History from your County Auditor
    • Tax Receipts are from the settlement sheets received from the County Auditor
  • ADM,#Employees-for St. S


memorandum data part 2
Memorandum Data – Part 2

Assessed = Millage rate assessed against taxable table

Adjusted=Tax rate adjusted for Tax Reduction Factors and Homestead/Rollback



Source is the county auditor


option 7 summary federal assistance programs
Option 7 – Summary Federal Assistance Programs


Federal Assistance Summary

Asks the following information:

Source Document – FINSUMM for federal funds only, plus any other federal assistance received


option 8 detail federal assistance programs
Option 8 – Detail Federal Assistance Programs


Contains an initialization option

Deletes prior year information for 5xx funds

Creates new records based on current year figures found on the account file for 5xx funds

CFDA # for each record created will need to be entered

Records for any funds other than 5xx will also need to be manually entered or updated


option 8 detail federal assistance programs1
Option 8 – Detail Federal Assistance Programs

Suggested Source Documents

ODE Web site summary report of amount of Federal Contributions received from ODE

CFDA #’s are listed on the printout from the ODE website and are in AOS USAS Manual


option 9 civil proceedings
Option 9 – Civil Proceedings

Statement R / 4502CP.TXT

Enter data for any law suits that are pending against the district


option 10 calculate
Option 10 - Calculate

Uses the following to accumulate and calculate totals for the statements and schedules:

All data entered in options 1-9

FTD estimated and actual expenditures and receipts

Cash Balances


Builds sequential file 4502.SEQ

Warnings and errors may be generated

Warnings can be ignored, errors must be corrected and option 10 re-run


4502 report options
4502 Report Options

Option 11…generates unrounded version of the reports

Generated from the 4502.SEQ file



Summary Combining Statements for Ex 2&3

2 Copies Recommended


4502 report options1
4502 Report Options

Option 12…optional reports

Budget vs. Actual worksheets

Should be printed if on GAAP

Summaries of Exhibits 4 and 5

Requested by auditors



4502 report options2
4502 Report Options

Option 13… provides the ability to individually print selected exhibits and statements from the full report


4502 report options3
4502 Report Options

Option 15…generates rounded version of the report

Generated from the 4502.SEQ file



Summary combining statements for Ex 2&3

2 Copies Recommended

4502 financial data reporting
4502/Financial Data Reporting

4502 data is then reported to ODE via EMIS reporting

Reporting period H

Data types consist of:

Cash, Budget, and Revenue accounts

Operational Unit Codes as set up in OPUEDT

Data entered in 4502 option 1 - 9

July 30th deadline



Extracts data from various USAS files and puts it into EMIS file layouts

Extracted from the account, OPU, and 4502 data files

Accounts extracted based on “Include SM1/SM2” flag in CASHSCN

Will check that all necessary funds are coded with a valid EMIS Fund Category

Stored on USAEMS.SEQ file

Fiscal agents for ITC’s need to run again and enter just funds for ITC


4502 financial data processing overview
4502/Financial Data Processing Overview


loaded into

EMIS via


USAS data is

extracted via



Data Submitted

to ODE via


Data validated



EMIS data can be edited

if necessary via EMSFCN