verite the network within the debate on innovation n.
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VERITE The network within the debate on innovation PowerPoint Presentation
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VERITE The network within the debate on innovation

VERITE The network within the debate on innovation

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VERITE The network within the debate on innovation

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  1. VERITEThe network within the debate on innovation Nicos Komninos, URENIO VERITE Kick-off Meeting Thessaloniki, 29-30 November 2001

  2. VERITE is about innovation Innovation has become a key- element of development The Lisbon European Council (2000) • Political goal: Europe should become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy of the world within the next decade The 6th Periodic Report EU Regions (2001) • Indicator of regional competitiveness: GDP/Population=GDP/Employees *Employees/Population • Four main factors: (1) Structure of economic activity, (2) Regional accessibility, (3) Innovation activity, (4) Skills /education of the labour force.

  3. VERITE is about the innovation gap (data 2001)

  4. VERITE is aboutorganizations and regions Innovation is a glocal process involving R&D, TI, companies, regions • Innovation is a global process linked to global corporations and R&D Labs • Role of multinational companies • First-class R&D institutes • International R&D flows • But located in a few islands of innovation • Innovation is a local process linked to particular localities / environments which enhance innovation: • Technopoles • Tertiary districts • Regional innovation systems • Smart cities and virtual local communities

  5. VERITE is follow-up of (1) INNOREGIO: Dissemination of innovation development technologies

  6. and (2) OnLi Virtual network of EU technology parks

  7. VERITE is a discussion / dissemination forum Working assumptions of VERITE • A. Fundamental knowledge development processes • sustain innovation • B. To these processes correspond specific IMTs • Technology watch: benchmarking, economic intelligence, foresight • Technology transfer: skills transfer, technology clinics • New knowledge into products: product development, creativity, new model products, creation of prototypes  • Industrial informatics: co-ordination of knowledge / information processes (MRP/ ERP, BPR) • Knowledge sharing: networking, improvement of supply-chains, stock management, outsourcing

  8. VERITE working assumptions Linkages between fundamental innovation processes

  9. INNOVATION is a three-level process: Firm/ Cluster/ RIS - Transformation of knowledge to products and technologies

  10. Some practices accelerate innovation processes

  11. VERITE focus Innovation Management Techniques and Technologies

  12. VERITE Major themes of discussion (to add) • The innovative (knowledge-creating) company • The innovative (learning, intelligent) region • The fundamental innovation processes • Technology watch • Technology transfer • Product development • Co-ordination of flows inside the company / organization • Knowledge sharing along the supply chain • IMT as facilitators of above knowledge-creating processes • Innovation processes at a virtual level and corresponding IMTs • The geography of innovation and knowledge-creating processes: regional/ national/ EU/ global dimensions

  13. High profile workshops / conferences on innovation processes Review of literature State-of-the-art methods and technologies Contribution from key-researchers and R&D centres Demonstration of methods and technologies Foresight dimension. What to expect in coming years Practical dimension for companies and regions Strong regional dissemination Target group Electronic dissemination Database including articles and reports Internet / open discussion group Portal of IMT providers/ services in Europe VERITE Key for success

  14. DELIVERABLES 5 High level European conferences 3 Internet based tools Database of articles on innovation management Discussion group Portal of IMT providers Dissemination material Brochure Newsletter Collective book TASKS To organize the discussion on innovation processes, knowledge-creating companies and intelligent regions (conferences) To enlarge the discussion using virtual environments for IMT (portal of providers, discussion group, articles database) To organize the dissemination of IMTs at the regional level Promote joint projects on innovation processes and IMTs development and application VERITE Deliverables of VERITE