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BRUNER. Cognitive Development. Bruner Information Processing Theory- Cognitive Development.

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Cognitive Development


Bruner Information Processing Theory- Cognitive Development

Summary: Bruner suggested that children process information in different ways according to their age. He also suggested that children learn through play and exploration, especially when adults play and active role in questioning or engaging with the child. He used the term scaffolding to explain this process.

How the theory could influence practice

  • To help children learn concepts and develop their reasoning and logic.

How to apply the theory to practice

  • Provide plenty of opportunities for meaningful interaction with children that have the style of a discussion rather than instruction.
  • Plan challenging but enjoyable activities so that children gain new experiences.
  • Refer children back to their previous experiences so that they can make connections between them and their new thoughts, experiences and ideas.
theories of language development


learning objectives
Learning Objectives
  • To describe Chomsky’s Language Acquisition Device Theory
  • To explain how the theory affects practice
  • Give examples of how to apply the theory into practice
chomsky s language acquisition device theory
Chomsky’s Language Acquisition Device Theory

Proposed that humans have an innate sense of language and a device that allows them babies and young children to acquire language if they are sufficiently exposed to it.

How the theory could influence practice

  • To ensure that there are sufficient opportunities for meaningful and age appropriate interaction
  • To support the language development of children who have an additional language at home (EAL)

How to apply the theory into practice

  • Think about whether children have sufficient opportunities to interact with you
  • Make sure the length of interactions with children allow them to acquire language
  • Speak in a way that is grammatically correct and clear
  • Do not correct children’s ;language, but instead repeat it back to them in a corrected way
  • Reduce the level of background noise that may be distracting them
  • Encourage parents to use their home language while their children are young so that it can be acquired. Learning a language later in life is much harder