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Acronyms, Idioms, and Personification PowerPoint Presentation
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Acronyms, Idioms, and Personification

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Acronyms, Idioms, and Personification
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Acronyms, Idioms, and Personification

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  1. Acronyms, Idioms, and Personification D. Woodhouse

  2. Warm Up • Warm Up • Activity 1: • The URL of your activity is: • Activity 2: • Define the following terms in your notebook: • Theme • Antagonist • Conflict • Plot • Falling Action

  3. SOL Objectives: •  9.6 Communicate clearly the purpose of writing. • 10.7 Develop a variety of writings with an emphasis on exposition. • 10.3 Read a variety of works from different cultures • 10.3 Read and comprehend, identify characteristics of a short story •  11.7a Generate, gather, plan, and organize ideas for writing. • 12.7 Generate expository writings that explain ideas through a clear general •          Statement of the writer’s point, use specific evidence and illustrations, •          Provide concise and accurate information.

  4. Classroom Objectives: • As a result of this lesson: given the power point, smartboard, notes, and activities; students will be able to judge how idioms, personification, and acronyms are used in sentences by using; and complete a quiz with 80% accuracy.

  5. Anticipatory Set (Copy): • What do these letters and symbols mean when chatting online or texting: (Copy 1-7 and the answers only.) • 1. <3 • 2. 143 • 3. 10X • 4. AAK • 5. AF • 6. LOL • 7. AYSOS

  6. Anticipatory Set Continued: • Answers: 1. Heart; 2. I love you; 3. Thanks; 4. Asleep at keyboard; 5. April Fools; 6. Laughing out loud; 7. Are you stupid or something? You do not have to copy.  • Connection: Today, we are going to analyze how idioms, personification, and acronyms are used in sentences. • Relevancy: In today’s society, we use different dialects and colorful ways of describing items and situations.

  7. Copy Notes: Acronyms • 1. Acronym • A word shortened by abbreviations and short words. • Examples: • 3G-Third generation mobile telephone system • BC- Before Christ • SOL- Standards of Learning • USA- United States of America • NSU-Norfolk State University • ODU- Old Dominion

  8. Acronym Activities • Acronym • A.  Choose which game to play. • The URL of your activity is: • Next Assignment: To complete the next assignment, go to this website:  •

  9. Additional Acronym Activity A.  Write the acronym for the following words. Feel free to use the computer to find the answer if you do not know it. For example: December= Dec. • 1. Bachelor's degree of science _________________________ • 2. United Kingdom _________________ • 3. Professor _______________ • 4. Company _______________ • 5. Enclose _____________ • 6. Revolutions per minute ___________ • 7. As soon as possible ___________ • 8. Uniform resource locator ______________ • 9. Boulevard_________________ • 10. Television________________

  10. Additional Acronym Assignment • B.  Write the word for the acronym provided. Feel free to use the computer to find the answer if you do not know it. For example: Mon.=Monday • 1. Hon. • 2. Mrs. • 3. Rte. • 4. mpg • 5. G.M.T. • 6. e.g. • 7. HQ. • 8. D.D.S. • 9. CD-Rom • 10. Lt.

  11. Copy Notes: Idioms • Idiom • Language used by certain people, group, or class. The word might have a different meaning from its dictionary meaning. • Examples: • “to the best of one’s ability”:  Means when someone does something to the best of their ability, they do it as well as they possibly can. • Get off my back!: Means if you tell somebody to get off your back, you ask them to stop finding faults or criticizing you. • A piece of cake: Means to refer to something as a piece of cake means that you consider it to be very easy. • Dead as a doornail: Means this expression is used to stress that a person or thing is unquestionably dead.

  12. Idioms Activity • Idiom • Create a table that list ten idioms, the meaning of each idiom, and a sentence using each idiom.  Your table will be created in Microsoft Word.  Do not forget to type your first and last name, today’s date, and title your assignment, “Idiom Table.”  Save your work to a flash drive or email it to

  13. Additional Idiom Activity • See Ms. Woodhouse

  14. Copy Notes: Personification • Personification • Personification is usually considered to be used like a metaphor (check your notes on metaphors if you have forgotten the definition). It is a figure of speech that gives human characteristics to objects or animals. • Examples: • Poem About a Porsche: if only that Ferrari would hear my horn, / how he drives / as if he owns the road. / Ohh! a pit in the road, / it bruised my exhaust, / how... • Poem about a journey: I see my birth/in a spark./I rise in a rage/to devour all/ I lay my tentacles on,/my passion burns in my chest • "Earth felt the wound; and Nature from her seat,Sighing, through all her works, gave signs of woe." from Paradise

  15. Activity: Personification • Personification: • This gets tricky! When you play this game, (if you believe that the answer is one of the following: simile, metaphor, or personification) type it in the space provided, then submit your answer.  Do not worry about the little blocks that look like spanish letters. You can play with a partner or by yourself.  Have fun! • FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE JEOPARDY • Write a poem or short story using personification.  If you write a poem it must be ten lines or more.  If you write a short story, it should cover at least three paragraphs (or more): introduction, body, and conclusion.  Be creative, use your brain, and have fun!

  16. Additional Personification Activity If URL does not open, see Ms. Woodhouse. You have two assignments. See next slide for second assignment.

  17. Activity: "Listen to the Sea"Use to write a poem about nature. Choose a word from List A or adifferent word that names something in nature.Choose a word from List B or another word that names an action. Writethis word next to the word from List A. List AsunmoonstarsskyseastonenightmountaindawnmorningList Btellsshowsremindsteacheslistensremembersbringslooksdancesdreamsguidestakes Second Assignment: Personification

  18. Quiz • Quiz:  Acronym, Personification, or Idiom • students can take it by going to:

  19. Closure: Exit Slip • Write one sentence using personification. • Create two acronyms. Tell what their meanings are and how the are used. • Write three idioms that you use in your neighborhood. • Briefly summarize this power point.