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Web Analytics and Reporting PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Analytics and Reporting

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Web Analytics and Reporting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web Analytics and Reporting. Michal Neuwirth ( michalne@kentico.com ) Product Manager – Kentico Software. Reporting. Reporting is a module for displaying data as charts, tables or values There is a set of pre-defined reports You can create your own You can modify existing one.

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Web Analytics and Reporting

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web analytics and reporting

Web Analytics and Reporting

Michal Neuwirth (michalne@kentico.com)

Product Manager – Kentico Software

  • Reporting is a module for displaying data as charts, tables or values
  • There is a set of pre-defined reports
    • You can create your own
    • You can modify existing one
e commerce reports
E-commerce Reports
  • Number of orders per given period
  • Sales per given period
  • Inventory report
  • Top customers by sales
web analytics
Web Analytics
  • Allow users to track and analyze web site visits, page views, file downloads and other metrics of the web site
  • Allow to display statistics via Reporting for a specific date-time interval
web analytics background
Web Analytics - Background
  • Web Analyticsrun as the background process which collects all necessary information
  • Collected information are stored locally in log files and scheduled task imports them into database
  • Web Analytics log “events” separately for each web site
  • Custom statistics
  • Custom reports
available reports i
Available reports I.
  • Page views
    • Shows number of displayed pages and the most often requested pages.
    • Multi-lingual pages are tracked as one page
  • Page views - multilingual
    • Like Page views, but each cultural version of the page is tracked separately
  • Invalid pages
    • Shows requested web pages which were not found on the website
  • Referrals
    • Reports referrals websites (websites the visitors come to your website from)
  • Visits
    • Shows the number of visits of your website.
    • Includes new and returning visitors
available reports ii
Available reports II.
  • Aggregated views
    • Tracks access to pages via links in RSS or Atom feeds
  • Aggregated views - multilingual
    • Like Aggregated views, but each cultural version of the page is tracked separately
  • Browser types
    • Shows what types of browsers your website visitors use
  • Countries
    • Shows the countries the visitors come from. The countries are recognized by IP
  • File downloads
    • Summarizes the number of files downloaded by the website visitors.
    • Tracks only files managed by the CMS
  • File downloads - multilingual
    • Like file downloads, but each cultural version of a file is tracked separately
campaigns tracking
Campaigns tracking
  • Based on campaign parameters in the URL like
    • http://www.mywebsite.com/?campaign=banner1
conversion tracking
Conversion tracking
  • Supported conversions
    • User registration
    • Newsletter subscription
    • Product purchase
web analytics settings
Web Analytics – Settings
  • Web Analytics are off by default!
  • New chart controls - MS Charts
  • New look & feel
  • Interactive reports
  • New webparts/widgets
web analytics1
Web Analytics
  • New “Google” like look and feel
  • Integration with KEMS
    • A/B tests
    • MVTs
    • Newsletter tracking (open e-mails, links clicking, bounced e-mails)
    • Internal/external search keywords
    • Landing pages
    • …..
  • Conversions and campaigns management
    • New conversions – BizForms, Polls, Custom URLs, Page Visiting
    • More details about conversions like Which visitors “converted” etc.
why to use web analytics
Why to use Web Analytics?
  • WA is out-of-the box solution part of Kentico CMS
  • Security policy of several companies doesn’t allow external services like Google Analytics
  • External services don’t work well in Intranets due some specific conditions
  • WA monitor downloads/RSS feeds
  • WA recognize multi-cultural documents
  • Easy to customize them
  • Fully integrated with KEMS
  • Reporting module shows you any information as charts/tables/values
  • Web Analytics track website activities
  • Web Analytics are getting more important/interesting with version 6.0