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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet . Act 1 Carol Pieters, Nina Cohen, Esteban Vizcaino and Diego Calderon. Literary Terms in Act 1. Sonnet: A sonnet has 14 lines, iambic pentameter and it has a rhyme scheme ababcdcdefefgg. Example: "If I profane with my unworthiest hand

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romeo and juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Act 1

Carol Pieters, Nina Cohen, Esteban Vizcaino and Diego Calderon

literary terms in act 1
Literary Terms in Act 1

Sonnet:A sonnet has 14 lines, iambic pentameter and it has a rhyme scheme ababcdcdefefgg.


"If I profane with my unworthiest hand

This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this:

My lips, two blushing pilgrims,ready stand smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,

Which mannerly devotion shows in this;

For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch,

And palm to palm in holy plamers' kiss.

Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?

Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.

O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do!

They pray: grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.

Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake.

Then move not while my prayer's effect i take."(p.758)

literary terms in act 11
Literary Terms in Act 1

Metaphor: A figure of Speech in which you make a comparison between two different things.

Example: "My lips, two blushing pilgrims."

literary terms in act 12
Literary Terms in Act 1

Foil: a literary term of a comparison between two characters in a story.

Example: It shows from the beginning of the play that Benvolio is a foil to Tybalt because Benvolio always want peace and Tybalt is always looking for fights.

summarize plot
Summarize Plot

Main Events:

  • The reader is introduced to the feud between the Capulet and Montague families.
  • Romeo is in deep love with Rosaline
  • Romeo meets Juliet
  • Romeo falls in love with Juliet, they kiss
romeo s love with rosaline
Romeo´s love with Rosaline...

Romeo is in love with Rosaline. It is not known or said where they met. Romeo does not think, talk and or expresses his feelings, until he talks to his cousin Mercutio. Romeo understands that Rosaline is not in love with him; still Romeo is in deep love with Rosaline.

romeo meets juliet
Romeo meets Juliet...

Romeo meets Juliet in the Capulet’s party; they do not recognize that they are from opposite families. Right away they connect and they begin to talk, this is important in the play because it is the first time the star-crossed lovers meet.

all you need is love
All you need is love..

Romeo and Juliet fall in love, they are so in love that they eventually marry. In this act love has no boundaries, even though their families are having a feud, they don’t care, along as their love is still in presence. This gives you an idea of how strong love can be in real life and in this act. The moment they realize they are in love is right after they kiss.

the change in characters
The Change in Characters

Romeo: He has changed from the beginning to the end. At the beginning he was in love with Rosaline. Then he falls hardly in love with Juliet when he first saw her.

the change in characters1
The Change in Characters

Nurse: At the beginning she was exciting that Juliet was getting married with Paris. At the end the nurse was telling Juliet who was Romeo and the nurse was now wanting to Juliet be with Romeo, even though he was a Montague. The nurse always wanted the best for Juliet.

the change in characters2
The Change in Characters

Juliet: Juliet changes in the play because at the beginning she was the little girls who obey her parents and at the end she was that girl who kissed a Montague and was in love with his only enemy.

quotations in act 1
Quotations in Act 1

Benvolio: "At this same ancient feast of Capulet's Sups the fair Rosaline whom thou so love with all the admired beauties of Verona. Go thither, and with unattainted eye compare her face with some that i shall show, and i will make thee think thy swan a cow." (page: 747)

In this quote Benvolio is telling Romeo that they should go to the Capulet's party so that he can see that there are other beautiful ladies and it is not only Rosaline.

quotations in act 11
Quotations in Act 1

Romeo: "What lady's that which doth enrich the hand of yonder knight?"(page: 757)

This quote is important in Act 1 because it's the first time Romeo sees Juliet and it is when Rome gets in love at first sight with her, and forgets Rosaline.

quotations in act 12
Quotations in Act 1

Romeo: "Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take. Thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged." (page: 759)

It is important for the Act and for the play because is the first time that Romeo and Juliet talk. Both got in love, and they kiss for the first time. It is when their love starts.


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