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New Directions. More content, better tools, and driven by you Columbia University Digital Library Seminar Series June 12, 2009 Heidi McGregor Director, Marketing & Communications JSTOR is part of Ithaka. About Us. Our organization

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New directions

New Directions

More content, better tools, and driven by you

Columbia University

Digital Library Seminar Series

June 12, 2009

Heidi McGregor

Director, Marketing & Communications

JSTOR is part of Ithaka

About us
About Us

  • Our organization

  • Ithaka is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways.

  • Our activities

  • Ithaka offers two services – JSTOR and Portico – to increase access to scholarly materials and preserve them for future generations.

  • We also conduct research and provide strategic services to help members of the academic community understand trends related to the impact of technology in higher education, address pressing strategic issues, and develop sustainable models for their innovative digital initiatives.

New directions

Phase One

the first 12 years

A brief history
A Brief History

  • Then… Founding 1995

  • Launch 1997

  • Journals 10

  • Columbia joins in 1997

  • __________________________________________________________________

  • Now… Libraries 5,500+ Publishers and content owners 500+

  • Journals (complete back runs) 1000+

  • Books 2,000+

  • Images 1.8 million

  • __________________________________________________________________

  • Wow… Article and book downloads (2008) 60 million

  • MyJSTOR accounts (April 2008-present) 258,000

  • Columbia downloaded 355,338 articles in 2008

Our community
Our Community


Participating libraries by category
Participating Libraries by Category

* Other category includes secondary schools, public libraries, community colleges, government/ non-profit institutions and museums

International growth by region 2000 to 2009
International Growth by Region - 2000 to 2009


2000: 0

2005: 46

2009: 86


2000: 132

2005: 633

2009: 985

North America (not US)

2000: 25

2005: 107

2009: 223


2000: 17

2005: 363

2009: 714

Middle East

2000: 15

2005: 49

2009: 148

Central/South America

2000: 7

2005: 77

2009: 315


2000: 1

2005: 37

2009: 421


2000: 6

2005: 53

2009: 114

In 2005, participation was concentrated in 2 countries; In 2009, JSTOR is available in 40 African nations

Total Non-US Participation =3,006

Jstor users

  • MyJSTOR Data

  • 258,000 users (80% provided demographic data)

  • 50% undergraduates

  • 22% graduate students

  • 8% faculty

  • 8% secondary school students

  • Top fields of study

  • History

  • Language & Literature

  • Education

  • Political Science

  • Art & Art History


Source: Ithaka Faculty Survey 2006

New directions

Phase One

Recent Developments

New deeper relationships
New, Deeper Relationships


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Richer engagement with and investments for users

Common Needs

Full-text search

Citation export

Cut and paste


Links to definitions

Explanations and other materials

Remote access

Google search

Ways to share

and connect

Targeted Needs

Search algorithms

Faceted browsing

User-controlled display

Mobile device optimization

Integration with NINES or the Biodiversity Heritage Library

Richer engagement with and investments for users

Then… Search (or browse). Print.

Now… Diverse users should (and want to) drive online investments.

Facebook fan – Rafiq Abdul Rehman

1) make it cell phone friendly, for quick reading or maybe going

through something in a rush.2) a history of documents viewed (if that’s not an option already)3) basic themes (maybe)4) more flexible!!! trust your users!

Uniting jstor and ithaka


digitized back issues


data sets comprising

the journals

business data

usage data

content types









historical collections

Uniting JSTOR and Ithaka

From experience and management of digitized journal back runs to many types of content and expertise






New directions

Phase Two

the next 2 years

Re imagine jstor
Re-imagine JSTOR

  • JSTOR Today –

  • A high-quality, interdisciplinary archive that supports scholarship and teaching. It includes archives of over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work.

  • JSTOR Tomorrow –

  • An online environment connecting academic content, tools, and people in innovative ways.

  • Getting from here to there…

More content
More Content

  • Journals

  • Internationalize

  • Strengthen coverage as needed

  • Large scale digitization (desire, need?)

  • Current issues (demand is there…)

  • Other Types of Content – all kinds

  • Partner

  • Enable contribution

  • R&D efforts

  • Trial and error

Primary sources
Primary Sources

  • Bringing together partners and disparate collections and contributions to facilitate research and teaching:

  • Global Plants – foundational materials for plant science contributed by more than 100 herbaria around the world

  • African Cultural Heritage and Landscapes – detailed site documentation for 9 sites on the continent, driven by faculty

  • Struggles for Freedom in Southern Africa – materials about political movements in several countries contributed by archives, political groups, and individuals

  • 19th Century British Pamphlets – 20,000 pamphlets contributed by 7 UK library collections

Better tools
Better Tools

  • For all users

  • Faceted search (Summer 2009)

  • MyJSTOR personalization options (TBD 2009)

  • For specific user groups

  • Content-related tools (Auction Catalogues)

  • Task-related tools (Plants, Data for Research)

  • Smart integration – how do we bring together diverse content types in useful ways?

Use Case – Gabriela Soto Laveaga, UC Santa Barbara, Public Health

Research concerns the use of a Mexican crop, barbasco, to manufacture birth control medication by pharmaceutical companies, and the sociopolitical implications for the communities in which the plants were grown. Her narrative suggests that the economies of certain towns became entirely oriented toward the production of this crop, and it ceased to be used for its local medicinal uses.

Auction catalogues
Auction Catalogues

  • Project aim – assess the

  • feasibility and desirability

  • for mass conversion

  • of auction catalogues

  • Why?

  • Preservation

  • Space savings

  • Enhanced access

  • Project

  • 100,000 pages digitized

  • Contributed from several museum libraries’ collections

  • Create “how to guide”

  • Create prototype

  • Evaluate feasibility and desirability in terms

  • of value, support, and sustainability Mellon Funded

Auction catalogues1
Auction Catalogues

OCR Data

Digitized Images

<ocr-page type="coords" bpp="1" height="10880" width="6784" res="1200" ocr-vers="1.0" creation-date="DATE”><region article-doi="" region-id="0”><rc l="3264" t="1152" r="3452" b="1308"/>

<ln lx="3306" ly="1298" rx="3403" ry="1298”><wd t="1746" l="2808" b="1859" r="2926" fs="11">J.</wd>

<wd t="1746" l="3016" b="1859" r="3158" fs="11">F.</wd>

<wd t="1746" l="3248" b="1859" r="4031" fs="8">SHERRIN.</wd>

<wd t="1746" l="4608" b="1859" r="4861" fs="8">{/X-</wd>

<wd t="1746" l="4963" b="1859" r="5186" fs="8">S=.</wd></ln>

<ln lx="263" ly="2113" rx="5116" ry="2113">

<wd t="2001" l="1079" b="2113" r="1252" fs="11">./7</wd>

<wd t="2001" l="1339" b="2113" r="1470" fs="11">A</wd>

<wd t="2001" l="1551" b="2113" r="1884" fs="11">BIRD</wd>

<wd t="2001" l="1927" b="2113" r="1986" fs="11">S</wd>

<wd t="2001" l="2067" b="2113" r="2419" fs="8">NEST</wd>

<wd t="2001" l="2503" b="2113" r="2768" fs="11">AND</wd>

<wd t="2001" l="2854" b="2113" r="3303" fs="11">APPLE</wd>

<wd t="2001" l="3381" b="2113" r="4271" fs="11">BLOSSOM-6</wd>


Bibliographic Data

MARC Leader #####cam 22#####7 450

CONTROL# 001 171579821


MARC INFO 008 980908s1771 ne c 000 0 dut dSALE DATE 033 0 17710715

MARC INFO 035 NYFX98-P3084MARC INFO 040 NNFr|cNNFr………..

Dataset exploration http dfr jstor org
Dataset exploration


  • Surveys, feedback, and working groups

  • ARLIS, Engineering librarians group, etc…

  • Partner to build the content

  • RLUK, Queens University Belfast, Smithsonian, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc…

  • Partner to build the tools

  • Data for Research, API, Advanced Technology Research team, etc…

  • Experiment and get feedback

  • Showcase

Experiment together http showcase jstor org
Experiment Together

New directions

Thank You

Heidi McGregor

Director, Marketing & Communications

JSTOR is a part of Ithaka