Manufacturing robots
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Manufacturing Robots. Mr. Capella Lafayette High School. Cartesian Robot. It's a robot whose arm has three prismatic joints, whose axes are coincident with a Cartesian coordinator. Cartesian Robots.

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Manufacturing robots

Manufacturing Robots

Mr. Capella

Lafayette High School

Cartesian robot
Cartesian Robot

  • It's a robot whose arm has three prismatic joints, whose axes are coincident with a Cartesian coordinator

Cartesian robots
Cartesian Robots

  • Cartesian robots also come in smaller sizes to perform operations on parts in the manufacturing process

Cylinderical robot
Cylinderical Robot

  • It's a robot whose axes form a cylindrical coordinate system

Cylindrical robot
Cylindrical Robot

  • Cylindrical robot in action

Spherical robot
Spherical Robot

  • This robot uses a circular rotation of the robot arm and an in and out telescoping feature.

Scara robot
Scara Robot

  • Used for pick and place work, application of sealant, assembly operations and handling machine tools

  • It's a robot which has two parallel rotary joints to provide compliance in a plane

Scara robot1
Scara Robot

  • Scara robots are well suited for stacking a single pallet where space is limited

  • A major "arm" is mounted such that the whole mechanism can move vertically 

  • This arm is also capable of rotational movement

Articulated robot
Articulated Robot

  • The articulating arm robot is perhaps the most widely used and flexible type of robot

  • It is capable of a wide range of motion and reach

Robots at work
Robots at Work

  • One of the main purposes for robots in today’s industry is to perform tasks that might be hazardous or tedious for human employees to accomplish

  • Also the are able to work long hours with minimal mistakes

Robots at work1
Robots at Work

  • Welding or cutting

Robots at work2
Robots at Work

  • Painting