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a new challenge everyday. Internships at P&G. 1. Why an Internship with P&G?. 2. What are the internship opportunities at P&G?. 3. How to apply?. 1. Why an internship with P&G?. What is P&G anyways?. a new challenge everyday. P&G In a Glance. P&G at a glance. 170th.

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a new challenge everyday

Internships at


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Why an Internship with P&G?


What are the internship opportunities at P&G?


How to apply?

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Why an internship with P&G?

P g at a glance l.jpg

a new challenge everyday

P&G In a Glance

P&G at a glance


  • Sales of $ 68.2 billions

  • Nearly 300 brands in more than 160 countries

  • 22 global brands with sales of over $ 1 billion

  • Workforce of 140.000

  • 3 billions people touched everyday by P&G products

  • Spends more than $5 million a day on R&D

  • Founded in 1837 - 170th anniversary

  • Sales of $ 68.2 billion

  • Nearly 300 brands in more than 160 countries

  • 22 global brands with sales of over $ 1 billion

  • Worldwide workforce of 135,000

  • 140 plants and 25 R&D centers globally

  • Spend nearly $ 2 billion a year on R&D

The importance of western europe l.jpg
The Importance of Western Europe

  • About 25 % of P&G sales

Geneva Business Centre (GBC) – Geneva, Switzerland

Do you want l.jpg
Do you want …

..a P&G internship with regular feedback and the opportunity of having your career sorted before graduating?

..taking over responsibility for your own projects from day 1 – with an intern compensation that reflects your importance for the P&G business?

..being a full member of your team while working within an open-minded&international P&G culture?

..another internship without long term perspective and any useful feedback on your performance?

..mainly doing preliminary work for the rest of the team?

..working in an environment where the intern’s work in not truly valued?




The decision is up to you!

What we offer you l.jpg
What we offer you:

  • Responsibility for real projects – work that P&G managers typically do

  • Help you Grow and Learn from Day 1 in a real multifunctional environment

  • Be coached by experienced P&G managers

  • Competitive salary

  • Have fun and meet diverse people

What we offer you11 l.jpg
What we offer you:

  • Get to know different faces of business, P&G brands & products

  • In depth processing of your application with deciding along the same entry criteria as for new-hire positions

  • A great enhancement to your CV!

Your internship your future l.jpg
Your Internship & your future

  • Successful internships usually lead to Job Offers

  • It will be the best informed career choice you could make…an opportunity to „try the Company and see if it fits“

Flexible future l.jpg
Flexible Future

  • Finish your studies with your job sorted & focus on your degree without the distraction of job-hunting

  • Deferred entry: with major graduate employers like P&G, you may be able to defer your start by 6-12 months post graduation

  • A great option if your planning travel after University

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Your internship in 3 Steps!

Some More details

  • Apply online before November 12th

    • Please mention “HEC Lausanne 2007” in your application

    • Put as title of your CV “HEC Lausanne 2007”

    • Complete online questionnaire

    • This takes time, but it is a pre-requisite!

  • if positive, you will be invited to the PST in HEC Lausanne on November 14th

  • Upon successful completion of the PST, HR will schedule some time for the interviews in P&G Geneva end of November

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    What are the internship opportunities at P&G?

    Finance l.jpg

    Drive shareholder value and act as “CFO” of your business

     Not a Data cruncher but a “well rounded” Business leader

    • Finance & Accounting mission:

    • To provide leadership to business decision-making, and sound, innovative planning to maximize long-term profits, cash flow and total return to shareholders

    • Finance @ P&G

    • Key business leader as part of multi-functional team

    • “Finance is everywhere”

    • Systematic development to a “well rounded” finance manager

    Very broad range of opportunities

    Category Financial Analysis – Product Supply Finance – Customer Logistics & Financial Services–CBD Finance–Profit Forecast–Others:Treasury, Tax, M&A, R&D Finance...

    Finance internships l.jpg
    Finance internships

    • Peter van der Wal: Fabric Care F&A

    • Project: and the winner is..?

    • Culture @ P&G

    • Thomas Nehfischer: Licensing & Acquisition

    • Project: Competitive Analysis

    • Training @ P&G

    • P&G vs JP Morgan and McKinsey?

    Marketing l.jpg


    We build individuals that BUILD BRANDS

    • Mission: Develop and manage a brand in terms of volume, share and profit.

    • Focus:Understand everything about the consumer and the communication with the consumer

    • Typically involved in: Project management, brand strategy, advertising (TV copy development), PR, direct marketing, packaging creation etc.

    Marketing internships l.jpg
    Marketing internships


    • -> Marketing is not (only) advertising.

    • “I can see the marketing director from my desk”

    • -> Flat structure with easy going culture and atmosphere

    • “I can take part in trainings almost two times a week”

    • -> you are part of the team!

    • “I’m Fire Fighting on one of my project”

    • -> It’s about business results from day 1.

    Cmk consumer market knowledge l.jpg
    CMK – Consumer & Market Knowledge

    • CMK is the voice of the world’s consumers and shoppers, articulating their needs into our brands and products.

      • We lead the identification of innovation opportunities and robust predictions of business outcomes.

      • We inspire teams to maximize new and established brand initiatives by acting on the integrated knowledge of:

        • Consumer and shopper decision processes,

        • Market and retailer dynamics,

        • External influences and trends and,

        • Key drivers of business growth.

      • We bring the consumer perspective on strategic market choices, innovation ideas, advertising, pricing, packaging, consumer segmentations,.. and much more!

    Cmk internships l.jpg
    CMK internships

    • Responsibility for a current project, being an integral part of a brand's business team.

    • Projects

    • Identify and reach prime prospect groups thanks to segmentation & receptivity studies

    • Define & further develop equity/brand positioning based on equity in-market tracking

    • Projects

    • Full ownership from day one

    • The future of home-care is based on this project (high visibility)

    • Team member

    Information decision solutions ids l.jpg

    • Virtualize & model key business processes

    • Enable real-time decision making

    Information & Decision Solutions (IDS)

    • We combine information and business knowledge to deliver innovative solutions that change the way P&G does business.


    What we deliver


    Our unique asset


    What we enable


    Ids internships l.jpg
    IDS internships

    • My personal experience

    • Proactively search for improved ways to run business processes and/or applications;

    • Manage your own time effectively and eventually coordinate others and/or contractors;

    • Build collaborative relationships with the multifunctional team you need to interact with;

    • Proactively communicate the status of the project, activities and help to remove roadblocks;

    • Build your own capability through the job experience, coaching/training for skills and business/technologies/applications knowledge building.

    To sum up:

    • leading projects

    • managing the schedule and interaction

    • full accountability for project success and contribution.

    Human resources l.jpg
    Human Resources

    • We create and sustain business growth and competitive advantage with people, organizations, systems & culture

    • Build and increase our people’s capabilities

      • ‘Build from within’ culture

  • Build strategic business partnership;

  • Lead organizational change;

  • Are the guardians of our values

  • Hr internships l.jpg
    HR internships

    • In a Talent Supply team:

      • competitive analysis,

      • creation of a new training to become interviewers,

      • development of new tools to advertise our product expertise on campuses.

    • In a Business Unit/category of products:

      • compensation & benefits analysis,

      • renewal/creation of job descriptions,

      • implementation of new HR system,

      • development of onboarding brochure for new employees

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    How to apply for an Internship with P&G?


    How to get an internship l.jpg
    How to get an internship?

    • In the middle/end part of your studies, applications from all degrees/backgrounds welcome

    • All year long with a duration of 2-6 months (we are flexible to your needs)

    • All P&G functions and Western European countries

    How to get an internship28 l.jpg
    How to get an internship?

    • For more information/your application: www.pgcareers.com/internships

    • Please note: there are numerous internships available under general postings per business function

    Hec lausanne l.jpg
    HEC Lausanne

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Check vacancies

    and apply on


    Fill-in online


    1 step how to apply online l.jpg
    1. Step: How to apply online?

    • Go to www.pgcareers.com/internships

    2 step the online assessment l.jpg
    2.Step: The online assessment

    • Multiple choice questions:

      • Education

      • Projects you lead

      • Extra-curriculum activities

    • If positive, HR screening of your CV

    3 step problem solving test l.jpg
    3. Step Problem Solving Test

    • 65 minutes for 50 questions

    • Multiple choice questions

    • Content: text comprehension, math problem solving, graph analysis

    •  Example test available online

    4 step interviews l.jpg
    4. Step: Interviews

    • 3 interviews with P&G employees from the function you applied to

    • Each interview takes one hour

    • Objective of Interview: to find out about past experiences

    • Give complete & detailed answers

    • Selection criterias: Success Drivers (Competencies we look for in our employees.

    • Interviews feedback within 2 days

    What s important when applying l.jpg
    What’s important when applying?

    • The 3 powers P&G is looking for:

    • Power of People

    • Power of Mind

    • Power of Agility

    Internships fast track process l.jpg
    Internships Fast-Track process

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Check vacancies

    and apply on


    Fill-in online


    Problem solving

    Test on

    November 14th


    By end November

    • You need to submit your application on the website before the Problem Solving Test (PST)  apply before November 12th

    • The PST will be done on Campus (Auditorium 273) on November 14th, at 5pm

    How does our fast track work l.jpg
    How does our Fast-Track work?

    • Apply online before November 12th

      • Please mention ‘HEC Lausanne 2007’ in your application

        • Put as title of your CV “HEC Lausanne 2007”

      • complete online questionnaire

    • if positive, you will be invited to the PST in Lausanne on November 14th

    • Upon successful completion of the PST, HR will schedule some time for the interviews in P&G Geneva end of November