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How Does a Product Designer Tool Help E-Store Owners Mint More Money? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Does a Product Designer Tool Help E-Store Owners Mint More Money?

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How Does a Product Designer Tool Help E-Store Owners Mint More Money? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adding a product designer tool to your website helps you make good profits. Know about the ways in which it can help e-store owners make more money.

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sales@brushyourideas com

How Does a Product Designer Tool Help E-Store

Owners Mint More Money?

“If you do not learn how to get paid while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

– says a quote by Warren Buffet. Perhaps, you took this quote too seriously and

that is why you are on the internet, selling your products and gleaming with joy!

In the world that thrives on internet, it is commendable to have a website

through which you sell. And I am glad you took a decision to move your business


But the question is, are you happy selling what you are selling or do you intend to

make profits through your business? The reason behind asking this was; well,


sales@brushyourideas com 1

everybody sells what others do. Most of the ecommerce store owners ape each

other and sell products that are popular amongst customers. Unfortunately, this

approach does not work all the time. At sometime or the other, your sales figures

will end up disappointing you.

To win the game of ecommerce and benefit from it, you need to start offering

personalized products to your customers through a product design tool. Through

this blog, I am here to acquaint you with the multiple ways in which a Product

Designer Tool will help you mint more money. So, here we go:

Personalization Galore

Today, most of the online shoppers go by the “my way or the highway” approach.

If they do not like what you are offering, they will leave your website and go to

some other online vendor. As a result, you will experience several cart

abandonments. Let us say I want an XL sized Turquoise T-shirt with a quote that

says “I drink and I know Things” engraved in Golden letters outlined in black. Or I

want an orange colored medium sized diary with “My Diary of Bliss” embossed on


Through a ​web-to-print software​, you can provide your customers with products

having attributes as specific as the ones mentioned above. And when you provide

personalized products, the customers are sure to come back to your store

accelerating your profits!

Quality User Experience

Even after moving online, our soft corner for “hand-crafted” or handmade

products persists. Your customers might have similar preferences. When you

provide your customers with an online product design software​, ​​they can design

the product of their choice on their own. Just the approach to making the product

becomes digital. Also, the software needs to be user friendly enough to enable

your customers to design their product easily. If they get stuck somewhere or find

your tool cumbersome, they might leave your website.


sales@brushyourideas com 2

Remember, it just does not end with offering a designer tool. After your

customers finish designing, you can give them the preview of product. Once

finalized, they should be able to place order easily. The designing to ordering

journey should be glitch-free so that they keep coming back helping you earn


Shower Them with Offers

There is no limit to how creative you can get using ​online product designer​! ​​You

can host product designing competitions on your website, give away free goodies

and create a buzz on social media. With a business that needs to establish itself,

such offers work wonders and helps to make great profits. Once you integrate the

tool with your website, you can ask your customers to share the products they

design with the hashtag of your brand name on Instagram. The more they share,

the better it is for your business as it can generate more customers for you.

A lot of ecommerce store owners come up with festive offers to entice the visitors


sales@brushyourideas com 3

so that they buy from them. Make sure you keep coming back with such offers

every 6 months so that you leave a satisfactory smile on the face of your

customers, retain them, and generate better sales for your e-store.

Last, but Not The Least...

As an ecommerce store owner, you need to think beyond offering regular

products and sell products that are more personalized and goods that are of

sentimental value to your customers. Brush Your Ideas is a platform independent

product designer tool that is compatible with different file formats and printing

methods. You just need to integrate with your website, add the products of your

choice and start selling.

Remember, a product designer tool is not just a software. It is a revenue

generating solution for your business. It can add value to your e-store, help you

sell unique products and make you stand out from your competitors. So, before

you lag with your sales, get more information about a web-to-print software, and

ace the game of ecommerce! Do you current use an online product designer tool?

Feel free to share with us!

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