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Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The friendliest city in Europe according to the European Comission (link) Won the title of European Youth Capital for 2015 (link) Check this video out: Apply now on one of the projects below!.

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cluj napoca romania
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The friendliest city in Europe according to the European Comission (link)

Won the title of European Youth Capital for 2015 (link)

Check this video out:

Apply now on one of the projects below!


GROW– the nationwide youth development program represents a long term non-formal educational engagement designed to improve the quality of education in Romania. Organized by Scoala de Valori in partnership with AIESEC, the GROW program addresses the population of high-school students in Romania (age 14-18).

Through the GROW program the high-schools from Cluj-Napoca and 2 other neighbor cities – Alba-Iulia and CâmpiaTurzii, can follow a complementary four-year educational cycle. For each year of their non-formal “studies” (GROW experiences) the curriculum is designed to address key needs of the development of the teenager participants.


Between: 14thJanuary 2014 – 28thFebruary 2014

WHY GROW? How is GROW Unique?

Cool Trainings

Grow by communicating! Develop communication skills and learn how to speak efficiently. Trainings on communicating effectively.  This session is created and supported by BRD – GroupeSociete General, Romania.

Into the World!

World Wide 6 weeks with other 9 trainers from all around the world. Discover other cultures, ways of leading, educational system.

The School of Values is a modern non-profit organization that envisions developing a value-based society through innovative education.

AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. Active in over 1700 universities across more than 107 countries and territories, our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society. In partnership with business and higher education, AIESEC has over 60 years of experience in developing high potential students into globally minded responsible leaders.


GROW helps you to be:

    • More self-confident in public speaking, to get involved or initiate extra activities.
    • More aware about strong and weak points.
    • Better prepared to choose the right career path and follow it open-minded and sensitive to other people problems generation.

5TCis the national preparation conferencefor GROW trainers, where local project managers and international trainees, together with the School of Values and AIESEC members, discuss the curriculum for 9th and 10th grade, how the trainings align to the delivery standards of the project, and ways to implement the project. Train the Trainers is also a motivational conference because of the presence of a large number of international people, combined with the idea of being a part of a movement and thus leads to the creation and deepening of common directions and values, shared by all the people involved in the GROW project. The international trainers involved in the project until now came from 42 countries:

See more here:

We are looking for:

    • Excellent English speaker.
    • Training hard and soft skills.
    • Education basic knowledge.
    • Emotional intelligence and Global mindset.
    • Creative and proactive.

What we provide:

    • National preparation conference (between 16th January – 20th January 2014)
    • Accommodation in dorm rooms.
    • Food – 2 meals per day.
    • Transport between the 3 locations.

Your costs:

    • Transport fee towards the National Preparation Conference in Predeal, Brasov.– 35 Euro
    • Visa (if it’s necessarily).
  • TN code: TN-In-RO-CJ-2013-1804Cristina Cojocaru
  • Email:

What it’s Edison?

  • Edison is a multicultural project that we want to implement here in Romania for the first time. It`s a great opportunity for Romanian pupils to find more about how is in other countries: cultures, native customs, habits, and behavior. It`s a project who brings to romanian youth a lot of enthusiasm, a great opportunity to meet new people for cultural exchange. Project runs mainly in middle schools.
  • When?
  • Between: 14th January 2014 – 28th February 2014
  • Why we do Edison?
  • We want to develop young pupils potential and become an eyes- opener in terms of cultural understanding. Through our project, we give the children the opportunity to meet the cultures that they haven’t met, to visit the countries that they ever dreamt, to enlarge the visions they never had.
  • How it’s going to be?
  • You will present your country in schools
  • You will participate in global village, and for that you will bring the most representative things for your homeland (costumes, food, pictures etc.)
  • What we provide?
  • You will stay in host families so your food, your accommodation will be free. Also you have the chance to visit the most beautiful cities from Romania. Now tell me that it’s not great?!
  • What are we looking for:
  • Team Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Training skills.
  • Language teaching.
  • Contact:
  • TN code : TN-In-RO-CJ-2013-1794
  • OCP : Raluca Matis
  • Email:
  • Skype: raluca.matis1
  • TN code : TN-In-RO-CJ-2013-1794
  • RalucaMatis
  • Email:
  • Skype: raluca.matis1

One project, 30 internationals.

  • On the summer of 2013,
  • AIESEC Cluj-Napoca was thrilled to host these people.
  • Now, YOU can become one of them!
  • Apply for ReBranders winter edition!
  • What is ReBranders?
  • ReBranders is a project of AIESEC Romania, which aims to facilitate the access of internationals at “Babes-Bolyai University” from Cluj-Napoca, by internship programs. The main goal of this project is to create a work space for young people around the world, in Romanian Institutions and Faculties and also, to develop improve their strategies in issues of marketing, branding and promoting.
  • When?
  • 15th January 20014 - 28th February 2014
  • Why should you choose ReBranders?
  • Public institutions often, do not have time for their own branding. The amount of work is too big and that’s why they will leave the marketing issues somewhere at the bottom. Here YOU intervene! Your main goal will be to create more access between the institution and the person! To identify the problems in communication and step affront!
  • You are the right person if:
  • - you have background on marketing, sales, promotion, design, web design, PR.
  • - you have excellent communication skills.
  • - you want to find out how it is working with professionals!
  • you want to discover Romanian way of living!
  • What we provide?
  • Accommodation in dorm rooms.
  • TN code : TN-In-RO-CJ-2013-1814
  • MihaiAganencei
  • Email:
  • Skype: mihai.aganencei