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Camp Kern

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Camp Kern

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  1. Camp Kern This is YMCA Camp Kern session 5.

  2. The horses ( Some of them ) Molly is the loveable Circle K Ranch’s pony. Molly had a baby named Swish two years ago and Swish ate too much grain and he died. Buckwheat is Vicky Popp’s mom’s horse. Buckwheat Molly

  3. These Are the Ranch Boys Chris, Alex, Ian, Julian, Spenser, and Zach. Not in picture: Dominick, Alex ( French ), Adrian (French), Scotty, and Fergie.

  4. The Frenchies Alex is the blonde one that you can’t see his face but he’s really sweet he let me give him a hug when I was soaking wet. He’s 13. Adrian is the other boy he’s really sweet he rode Windser who is a big white horse. He’s 16. Klim is the only girl in the frenchies but she’s also the one in charge Alex and Adrian listen to the sister. She’s 15 almost 16 and rode Sunshine. They all live in Paris, France.

  5. Pumpkin!! Pumpkin is a horse camp got eight months ago and on Thursday we found off that she’s pregnant and will have her baby in a month.

  6. My friends from camp. Makena Zach, Makena, and I met last year at camp and we died Zach’s hair purple last year to the dance and he wore a dress to the dance. Makena and I didn’t know what to expect when he went from buzz-cut to full head of hair. Me and Ian met last year and it was nice to see him this year too. Dom and I met this year but we act like more than friends, we even had a tickle fight. Cat and I met at winter camp last year and Alex and Kelli met at Halloween camp last year. Cat & Alex Dom Ian Zach Cat Alex Zach & Makena Dominick and Ian

  7. My two favorite counselors Ashley and Maddie! Ash l ey Maddie

  8. The End.