Groovin’ for your Students
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Groovin’ for your Students and for your Institution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Groovin’ for your Students and for your Institution. Plans for today…. Groovin’ 101… Groove with your students Groove with your colleagues Groove right now Groove when you leave here. Groovin’ 101. Groove is: fun, real time, collaboration enabling workspace.

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Groovin’ for your Students

and for your Institution

Plans for today
Plans for today…

  • Groovin’ 101…

  • Groove with your students

  • Groove with your colleagues

  • Groove right now

  • Groove when you leave here

Groovin 101
Groovin’ 101

  • Groove is:

  • fun, real time, collaboration enabling workspace.

  • a reasonably secure way to work together from remote location.

  • Cengage Conference 2009

Create or share a workspace
Create or share a Workspace

  • Invite contacts to the Workspace

  • Share and edit files,

  • Plan meeting agendas,

  • Share a calendar,

  • Have a discussion, chat, and more…

Groove strengths in classroom opportunities
Groove Strengths in Classroom Opportunities

  • Classroom communication among students.

  • Students use Groove Workspace to:

  • Submit assignments

  • Work collaboratively on assignments

  • Chat and instant message

  • Demo Business Communication Groove site.

Groovin for your institution
Groovin’ for Your Institution

  • Committees no longer have to send trails of email attachments…

  • All agendas and files are housed at one location.

  • Curriculum and Instruction Committee

You too can groove
You Too Can Groove

  • Step 1: Set up account

  • Step 2: Join our workspace

  • Step 3: Complete activity

  • Step 4: Create your own workspace

  • Step 5: Save account and send to yourself

Sample invitation
Sample Invitation

  • Karen O'Connor ([email protected]) has invited you to join a Groove workspace called "Cengage Conference 2009".

  • New to Groove?

  • ==============================================================================

  • Download a free trial version of Microsoft Office Groove 2007 and accept the invitation by clicking on the link below:


  • Already Have Groove?

  • ==============================================================================

  • Accept the invitation by clicking on the link below:


  • Microsoft Office Groove 2007 software allows groups of people to work together securely as if they're in the same location. Groove has everything your group needs to share files, manage projects, conduct meetings, and get work done.

  • For more information about Groove go to

Step 1 create an account
Step 1: Create an Account

  • When you open Groove for the first time or

  • When you respond to an invitation from someone else.

Step 2 join our workspace
Step 2: Join Our Workspace

  • Open your invitation and create your Groove Account.

  • Use the link in the invitation to access the Cengage Conference 2009 Groove Workspace

Step 3 have fun with your assignment
Step 3: Have Fun With Your Assignment

  • Create a folder in the Files tool, named for you or your school.

  • Start a discussion on a topic of interest based on your experiences here.

  • Create an all day event at the calendar tool for your birthday.

  • Create a Word document and upload it to your folder on the files tab.

  • Explore the other tools tabs.

Step 4 create your own worspace
Step 4: Create Your Own Worspace

  • Create your own workspace

  • Add Tools

  • If you wish, you may save an invitation to the clipboard and send a web based email invitation by pasting from the clipboard.

Step 5 save your account
Step 5: Save Your Account

  • Save your account

  • Send it to yourself by email

  • Or

  • Save to your flash drive

Maintenance considerations
Maintenance Considerations

  • Back up Your Groove

  • Consider Permissions and Roles

  • Synchronize

More uses for groove
More uses for Groove

  • Groove Helps at Emergency Operations Center for Hurricane Katrina

  • Project Collaboration


  • Let’s Keep Groovin’

  • Free Trial Version

  • More training…

  • By

  • Karen O’Connor M.Ed.

  • And

  • Daniel Johnson

  • Cerro Coso Community College

What we said we d do
What We Said We’d Do

  • Microsoft Office Groove 2007 has dozens of tools to help you both collaborate with your colleagues and help your students collaborate with each other. Share workspace tools, files and folders, discussions, calendars, issue tracking, meetings and agendas, and even play chess. This program is a lifesaver for your school committees. Learn how to save yourself and others from a dirth of email attachments and bring those meetings to higher productivity using Groove. You will create your own Groove Workspace, and see samples of how live workspaces are used for committees such as curriculum development and other education related projects. Date: Friday, March 13 Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Location: Veranda A